Thursday, March 6, 2008

More & more Nearer

Woah.. Another 2 more hours and I will be leaving office and head to HDB to collect our keys.. Not a good weather today.. Wondering people says that water means prosperity.. So I am thinking if my new house is a prosperous house? (Oops thinking to much liao)

Really can't wait to enter my new house. Hope we can settle all the stuffs early then we can proceed to shop for our furniture after that.. Hubby went shopping alone yesterday wor.. He saw few furniture shops and did mentioned one of it.. They offer $3000.00 for 4 pcs of furniture (1 dinning table, 1 coffee table, 1 sofa and 1 TV console.) Isn't it a great deal.. That is the place I wanna go later.

*Whistling* Can't help but keep smiling for no reason..

GTG.. Shall upload the photos later...



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