Saturday, August 25, 2012

Can't wait!! Just another 1 more week

Finally, I'm going holiday soon. Needed a long break so much. Although only a week rest, its better than nothing.

Going where again? Not any fantastic place, just simple neighbor country PENANG!! Just can't wait for Sept to arrive.

Update again then!!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Now I know I've nothing special

Realizing that I've neglected blogging since 2011. It's been near to a year. Guess, I'm too lazy or just nothing special in my life. A fast update for the past 1 year. I've a new job since last year. A new environment and new colleagues allows me to refresh and restart my working life. Sometimes, I really wish I can just not go to work & become a lady boss!!.. Fat hope.. Next life maybe. Health? Getting from bad to worst. Had an accident in Jan this year & injured my spine. Till now, still not recovered & only way out is to operate. Still considering & have yet to brace the courage to choose operation. Hmm... Basically, I now know why I haven't been blogging cos I'VE NOTHING SPECIAL..

Monday, September 19, 2011

Woot!! So So So Long

Only now then I realized that I've not update my blog for so long.. Hahahah.. Lazy? Yes, I am.

Many things have happen for the past few months. Really lotsa of things, all bad things.

I've left my previous company where I mentioned earlier its a good place.. Reason? I don't wanna bring it up anymore.. Anyway it's already over. Currently in my new job, errmm for about 4 mths. So far so good. I do not want to comment much about this new company again.

After all, life still have to go on and I'm happy to know that there are always someone beside me lending me a helping hand and also their listening ears..

Alright shall update my blog again with my HK trip.. See Ya!!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Can't Wait

It's been 2 weeks since I last blog. Not i've been lazy.. Its just no time to do it.. Really busy with all the stuffs around me.

Finally had update mine & hubby's polices with my agent. Its been so long since I've get my polices updated. And now, I've done the necessary upgrade or update on the policies. Phew.. Not easy.. Have to ensure I've get a comfortable payout with an affordable premium. The so called "ai pi ai qi(in hokkien)" wahahahaha... Isn't this a typical auntie? OMG.. I've become an auntie le lah.. I was talking to mum yesterday abt the policies we have bought and guess what she says.. "Tomorrow I shall cook and put in some rat poison and she'll get the money" Hahaha, so cute of her..

Had a nice talk with mummy and she was talking abt luck for the next lunar year which is rabbit. She said that my luck will go down all the way to the bottom. When I heard this, I was like what the hell.. I've been in bad luck for the past few years. Guess this is life.. You will have the highest point and ofcos you will drop to the lowest point. Well, although mum said that my luck in not good next year, yet, I looking forward for the coming new year. Hope to have a restart in everything and to re-plan my target..

Hoping I can go for a short break before starting my new year. Still planning for it but seems its not getting anywhere.. Haiz... Alright going to sign off le.. Need to get back to my homework..

P/S : Having a rest is to start everything afresh.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Again, I'm down with flu and cough since last Monday. Had seen a doctor and took MC on last Thursday & Friday but still not recover as till date. The cough is still hanging ard and the flu seems like getting from bad to worst. I have yet went back to the doctor for follow up but I'm taking hubby's medicine from the Polyclinic.. Wahahahaa.. Too lazy to queue up at the clinic.

This Saturday, I'm going to Malaysia for my company yearly DND. I'm wondering if I can survive through the whole trip.. I really wanna get recover soon.

The mood is not getting any better. The thunderstorm had left but the dark clouds are still hanging ard my sky. I really hope everything can clear up fast and get back to track again.

Can't wait for January to come fast. I need a new break out.

P/S: God please shower me with your love so I can get thru this ordeal soon..

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Monday, November 29, 2010

My Appraisal

Finally, the year is nearing to come to an end. Can't wait for the letter to come soon.

Boss had called me in this afternoon to talk about my appraisal. Basically, she had no issue and the points she gave me was almost the same as last year. Other than a few more criteria was added.

What caught me in surprise was a question she put to me. Pardon me for not able to disclose the question she had ask me. Probably if you wanna know, pm me and maybe I may disclose to ya.. Hehehehe.. Infact, I do not know how to answer the question she put across to me cos I, myself didn't have to answer too. So I told her, if she have got the answer, probably she could let me know.

Since the appraisal had been sign, I believe that the bonus letter will be here anytime. This is the time where we are looking forward. After so much of hardships, finally its been paid off.

This Saturday will be going to Malaysia for the company DND. I hope everything runs well and will be a fruitful and happy one. I wish this trip will change the bad to the good.

P/S : God loves me like he loves everyone. But he is always giving us test to go thru. I hope I will pass the test that god had given me..

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Such A Long Time

I've not been updating my blog for donkey years. And I think I should start doing it.. How can I leave my blog unattended... Wahahaha..

Tiger year is not a good year for me. And I'm glad that its going to be over soon. Ermmm, say like another 2 mths more to go. Life has been up and down. Especially in my working life. It don't seem to go the way I wanted it to be. Guess maybe its time for me to go to another stage of my life. From sweet to sour and maybe to bitter. It really hurts me alot. I hope this thunder storm will be over soon and hope the sun will shine after that.

Good that, there is one good thing that happen ard me. Yvonne finally got married. She finally found her Prince Charming. Glad that she had finally found the one and only one. Hope Ben will love and give her the tender love. Yvonne! I wish you have a blissful marriage..

Woot.. There are so many many things that I wanna pen down. But still I need to keep away for certain things. I do not wanna things to get worst..

Alright. I'm gonna go sleep le. Still feeling weak from my flu and cough. Even though after 2 days of MC, I'm still not getting any better, its getting worst I guess.

P/S : Mr Flu and Ms Cough, pls go away. Allow me to recover soon. The heart is still bleeding. I hope everything will change for good.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I've been working in my current company for abt a year plus. Everything have already settled down and I'm sitting comfortably or I should say I'm more stable. I've been putting in all my best to absorb whatever I can learn and is getting a little exhausted.

  It's not easy to work in my company. One need to work like a octopus or I should say like a monster. People who work in my department need to have 4 pairs of hand, 4 brains, 4 pairs of eyes, 4 pairs of ears, 1 mouth. Having the need to split ourself into several pieces in order to complete our heavy loaded job. Haiz.. Really need to have a break from it..

  This saturday is our company family day. We are going to the Zoo.. I hope I can win the lucky draw.. At least make the day worthwhile. Holidays will be in my plan within the next few months. Hoping to have a completely relaxing break. Any suggestion. We planning for a beach holiday. We need a nice beach to laze on, clear waters to swim in. If can snorkel will be the perfect match. Oh.. Yes! We need to have a nice massage with all the sea sports available. Never to miss out stuffs like banana boat, para-sailing and etc. Common peeps, give me some ideas.

  Can't wait for my plan holidays to set sail..

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Our Visit to Universal Studio Singapore

Last Saturday, hubby and me went to the Universal Studio Singapore with Karen, Geling, Vincent and Royce. We were quite excited since Friday. But the weather that day was lousy. Heavy rain in the morning.

  We reached Hard Rock Hotel which Vincent booked for Geling's Birthday around 10am. The hotel is fabulous. I love the exterior and interior of the hotels. Even the lift are well decorated. After breakfast, we headed to Universal Studio.

  We let the photos do the talkings. It's a little disappointed cos either part of the rides were not ready or some of the rides were facing technical problem. But we sure have fun taking photos with the cartoon characters.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Thoughts of the Day

Have been feeling very down recently. I can’t explain the sadness, its like a knife slashing several times deep in my heart. I’m like lost. I do not know what to do, how to chase these dark clouds out from my heart. I hope to have my happy heart out again. My emotions is like  rainy days. JUST HARD TO EXPLAIN. I hope that by writing it down, I will feel better.


Every bad things have been happening around me. Be it work or relation. I feel like a sinner. It seems like I’m creating trouble. I don’t know if I’m right or wrong. I feel like creator of troubles with my mouth. I just feel bad.. All thanks to my big fat mouth.. Others have been telling me, its not my fault, its just the third party been too sensitive. But still I feel bad. I could have just shut my mouth and act blur. Let the others settle or even let the matter go worst.


I do not know how long I can take it. I hope I can go through this if not I will do a very big decision. Anyway, guess I should stop here and have a peace sleep..