Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not Feeling very good

I have been down with my gastric problem since last last week.. I do not know what is the cause. It seems not getting any better even after seeing the doctor. Guess I have to go and see a specialist instead but I was a little redundant.

Have been feeling nauseas these few days and mood is not very good due to my menses. Whatever I eat just throw up. Basically I am now relying on the medication to stop the vomitting. If I don't take it, I will for sure throw up. See how bad is the situation. I'm still hoping for the recovery if not otherwise will have to go to my family clinic to see again. The doctor I'm seeing now seems not very good.

Too tired and lethagic to do anything. Even not my office work. Hope to recover fast by tomorrow cos I'm having a birthday celebration dinner with my mum and I don't want to spoil the whole thing. I'm also meeting my galfriend Princess Yvonne this Sunday for some Jap buffet. If things still not going well. I may have to cancel all the appointments and I know she gonna screw me up again. Hahahha...

Alright need to go back to work liao. Till then tataz..

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Day to work

It's Sunday today. Another day to working week again. Time passes really fast. I need a good rest I think.

Many things happen this weekend and I hope the nightmare will wake up soon. I am really tired in physical and emotion. May sound a little emo.. Yes! I am. Think its PMS. So emotionally that I've make a friendship turn a little sour. I apologise if she thinks that I'm bad mouthing her. "Sorry gal if it makes you feel bad and hope you just treat it as I'm whining for what I think."

Physically tired cos the stupid diarrea and the stupid vomitting. I hate the stupid stomach. So many germs that cause the problem. Had been sleeping throughout this whole day. But still tired which I do not know why.

Just had my dinner and writing this post. Think I need to head to my bed again. Good night everyone. Will get update again soon.

P/S : I hope my phone will ring soon. hahahaha.. My dear do call me. So many things wanna tell you wor.. Hehehehe..

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yes Or No? You Choose

I can't remember if I have blog abt this incident before. Anyway, I shall briefly describe to refresh everybody memory. I went to one of the HongKong cafe named Street Cafe at Downtown East, The D Mall. We had 7 adults and 3 children went in for dinner. It was abt 9pm. They are closing @ 10 pm. So we ordered our food and we then waited for our food. Their service was really thumbs down. And when we ask for bill they told us that the credit card machine was down. No signs was being put up at that time. All of my friends were rather unhappy about it. So I decided to write in to complain to their main office.

I've called up the office and too send a few emails with their rep. I've too in my email state that I would not want to visit that particular branch anymore and hoping their other branches with provide better services.

Now, my friends are telling me to go to that branch to have dinner. So, If you were to be me, will you still wanna go since you have already state so clearly that you do not want to go. For me no, it's my word and I meant what I say. There is so many restaurant to eat but why there? Am I in a wrong if I firmly maintain my choice. Nope. I'm wrong again. My friends told me they won't recognized me so why I bother.. The children wanted to eat so we have to follow. Fine! I mean no means no. So I decided to go on my own way.

Maybe, I'm too sensitive. I feel their eyes telling me, why must I be so difficult and be the odd one out? I feel bad.. Deep in my heart, I feel heartbroken. I feel that why must I always be the one agreeing with what they say. Alright then, next time, if thinking I'm so difficult to get along, then leave me alone. Really upset now.. I hope that I'm really the sensitive one and everything I sense is not true..

It's not a happy weekends for me. 1st of all, sick then top up and final with all these rubbish.. Sick and tired of living in this cold and cruel world. I think, if hubby is not around with me, I would probably be giving up soon. Thus, I will treasure the love bond we have and hope / wish he will always be by my side...

I hate myself for being what I am, I love my hubby for being who he is.. Isn't this dilemma?

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dinner At Pariss International Seafood Buffet

Burrrppp... I'm so freaking full now.. Just came back from dinner with my colleagues at Pariss International Seafood Buffet. Price a little steep but the food is up to standard. Fresh and lots of choices.

It was a nice dinner with them. Hahahah.. Never miss our laughter. I think we are the noisiest table in the restaurant. Hahahaha.. Imagine, we are in office wear and are laughing throughout.. Well, like what Shawn said, this is the time to see how I eat. I am a BIG eater yah! Non stop if having buffet... I believes that explain my size ba. Aiyah.. In short, I had a wonderful nite with them. We really clicks well.
First is the foods...

Food Counter

Teppanyaki Counter


Cake Corner

Pumpkin sauce crab

Chocolate moose

The food is really nice.. Can't stop loving it. Next is people..

My manager - Shawn (Gotcha)

A proper picture of him

My Boss - Sally (A nice lady)

My Senior Executive - Joseline



Puitin & Siti

Group photo w/o Shawn as he haven't come yet

Finally a complete group photo but bad one taken by the waiter

Guys let me tell you. It's a good place. You may give it a try if you wanna something presentable.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Upset & Angry

Today, I'm feeling upset and angry today plus a little pissed off in the office.. First it started off with finding files. Can you imagine when you need to find a file which don't belongs to your department and when you ask that particular department, they replied telling you they don't know. -_-" This is making me mad cos I have to run around to find one particular file. I always try not to believe that we are KS. But I can't help but beginning to admit it. It's really difficult to work with people like this. Struggling to accept the reality that I work among people like this and endure it throughout. Nevertheless, I will not give up just like that.

Then what happen next really upset me. One of my colleague was moving the metal shelf (they call it the compactor - don't know who to spell it) and the shelf is like stuck and gives out alot of the "cluck" sound. So I turn over to see what had happen and notice that the shelf was lock to stable but he didn't notice that. Out of goodwill, I tell him that he haven't unlock the shelf. Guess what is his reply. " Common lah! I've been working for so long here, still need you to teach me meh." 1st of all, my intention s not to teach him how to move the shelf but to inform him in case he didn't see it. 2ndly I saw him having hard time pushing the shelf so I just tell him to help him. Okay, I know I'm being KPO and I deserve that. So in future, I will just keep shut and work.

It really breaks my heart when this word came out from my own department colleague. Haiz.. But again, I will not give up just like that. I will hang on tight to survive thru this. Well, just dump this unhappy issue since its already after work. hmm.. Let's think of something happy.

Winnillicous is joining the Cenosis event. She will be representing the blogger to go on the slimming course. Yeah! for her. I wanted to join too but I know I will never be given the chance. Let's wish her well.. Can't wait to see her brand new look. So stay till to her blog for all the updates.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Sunday

Had just came back from Sis place. We had steamboat dinner and had a little game session. It was really fun to get together with family members. Just as expected, both my niece and nephew had a great time with Niki's companion. He is just to adorable. They had never stop disturbing him, making fun of him. But ofcos, he is deadly tired when he came home.

Before going to Sis house, me and hubby went prawning with Vincent and his 5 year old daughter. I don't know why I am so impatient in the afternoon time. Prolly I didn't had enough sleep. We went to Punggol Marina for prawning. The place is nice, it is a country club where you can find yatchs around and also fishing lovers. The catch rate there was actually not bad but must see timing. I find it easier to get the prawns around evening time with not much people gather around and prolly the prawns is hungry. Today I only managed to prawn 4 pcs with 3 hours. But hubby caught with his bare hands 4 pcs too.. My highest record there was about 20 pcs of prawn. Oh, not forgetting Vincent and his daughter.. This young little girl is good. This is her first time prawning but she had 2 prawns in less then 45 mins. How clever she is..

Absent minded, I forget to take photo for the steam boat and my prawns... *sob sob* Nevermind.. will have another chance to do that.. I wanna go play game liao.. Tata...

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It's been almost a week since my last post. Pretty lazy and tired recently, that's why didn't really wanna write anything. It's near 2am now and working day is just another 1 day more to go.. I'm getting to love this job.. Having all the great colleagues is nothing to be less.

Recently haven't been sleeping very well.. Think my isonmia friend is back to visit me again.. Argghhh.. I am so angry with myself! I very much wanted to sleep but I can't. It seems that I'm being disturb by some matters which I do not know what is that. Friends had been telling me that prolly I'm under stress. But I do not feel that way? I think Winnillicous is right, I need a break.. Still remember that when I was in my ex company, I would usually go for a short holiday once every 3 mths. So I think it's time for me to take a short break. Already had plan for a cruise trip this coming September. Hope nothing crops up to destroy my plan.

Tomorrow going to Sis house for a steam boat dinner. So long nvr see my niece and nephew le. I think they miss me too cos of Niki... But my dear boy is so ugly now. He had just went for his grooming and I've ask the shop to shave him up. He is so in a mess that I can't handle his coat. He just simply love to mess him coat on my bed.. Well me and hubby can't bear to scold him, he is too adorable to punish him.. It's been some time, I upload his picture.

His innocent look is irresistible

Still wanna take photo even is tired

The Happy Family..

After his shave.. Ugly mah?

Love his innocent look.. Like the Pussy Cat in Shrek movie.

Had brought mum to Pasir Ris to try on the fish spa. Was having fun seeing mum's face. It was her first time trying it. But she loves it..

Hubby's leg.. Look so many fishes biting his leg..

Mine.. Not much.. It proves that my feet is clean.. Wahahaha

Mum's leg lagy worst. Even more fishes than hubby's. Yuckss. She haven't been washing her leg for the past few years I suppose.

I think I shall end here.. I wanna go play my Texas Poker in FB le.. Bye Bye..

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Finally, the KFC annual National Champs Challenge (NCC) is over. Though we only managed to grab the 2nd runner up title, but it is better than nothing. To be frank, this year, I only thought of just letting the players play for fun and gain experience from there. But who knows, the dark horse actually run out. Nevertheless, I would like to take the opportunity to thank them for their effort. Wish them well in Regional Champs Challenge.

After the NCC game, I went to their chalet for some relaxing moments. We went swimming and I've got myself badly sunburned. I mean it, really bad burn. Like a 3rd degree burnt.. My arms are in pain for nearly a week and is slowly getting better. I'm like a cooked lobster, reddish from head to toe.. Hahahah.. Anyone interested in this big lobster?

Work wise. Still the same but think these 2 days is extremely busy. Prolly cos Siti was on MC and we need to cover her job too.. Oh yah! Wanna congrats her here. She is 2 mths pregnant.. Hmmm... Looks like I have to buck up abit.. Need to chiong for my 1st baby liao.. Cannot lose out..

Next and I think it is seriously affecting me. Recently, I've been having weird dreams. I dreamt of him asking me to leave everything behind and go with him (shall not disclose who this "he" is.).. The worst part is, this dream had been following me for the past few days. What the hack is wrong with me? Other then this, I also dreamt that hubby refuse to let me buy the stuffs I want. Arggghh!! That is really bad. How can hubby stop me from buying things that I want. But in the actual fact, I know hubby will not treat me this way. He will give everything I want to me. He will grant my wish. I know he is the best to me.. That's why I know I won't leave him behind and follow others go. I will stay by his side and shower him with my love until the day he don't want me which I doubt so... I really wish the dream will never come back again. I need peace in my mind. I can't take the kinda stress anymore. I.. I.. I am lost in words now again. Forget about it.. Drop the subject.

Let me think of something fun. I'm planning for a holiday this September.. Going cruise with Mum and my friends. I need a enjoyable holiday man.. Can't wait for September to arrive. Plus, I haven't seen my dear girlfriend since her birthday till now. Wonder if she miss me anot. Shall arrange a day with her to KTV and sing our lungs out.. Need to sign off now..

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