Thursday, December 2, 2010


Again, I'm down with flu and cough since last Monday. Had seen a doctor and took MC on last Thursday & Friday but still not recover as till date. The cough is still hanging ard and the flu seems like getting from bad to worst. I have yet went back to the doctor for follow up but I'm taking hubby's medicine from the Polyclinic.. Wahahahaa.. Too lazy to queue up at the clinic.

This Saturday, I'm going to Malaysia for my company yearly DND. I'm wondering if I can survive through the whole trip.. I really wanna get recover soon.

The mood is not getting any better. The thunderstorm had left but the dark clouds are still hanging ard my sky. I really hope everything can clear up fast and get back to track again.

Can't wait for January to come fast. I need a new break out.

P/S: God please shower me with your love so I can get thru this ordeal soon..

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