Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Saturday

Its Saturday today. Well I'm at home slacking. Had just bath Niki. Now sitting infront of the lappy, trying to start blogging frequently. Hahahaha..

Supposed to go out for a dinner appointment today. But hubby have to attend his IPPT training for 6 Saturdays.. Well, why does he have to go? Simple cos he fail his IPPT during his reservist 3 days ago.. Hahaha.. He don't go for training when he received his notice for reservist so he have to go back every Saturday for training lor.

Talking abt bathing for Niki. I've saw patches of his coat drop and reason is he is having rashes. His rashes have been on and off since a week before CNY. I've bought him to the Pet Groomers and when he came back he started to itch.. He have been on medication for the past few weeks and hope his rashes gets better abit. This poor little cutie of mine is so prone to skin irritation. Especially when the weather gets really warm. When he is in the aircon room, he will not scratch himself But when he is in the living room with us, he scratches non stop. Poor boy of mine.. Shall bring him to the vet if he does not get recovered.

Weekend pass very fast. It have already pass half a day for Saturday and very soon the day will end. And ofcos Sunday will end fast too. Work days is just another day to go.. Well, its not that I am scared of working. I'm lucky enough to have my adorable colleagues to entertain me. So at this point of time, I'm still going strong in my present office. Ofcos, I do hope I will get a promotion this year, so I have to be more stronger enough to handle any unreasonable request from the heads.

Yawnz.. Guess, I'm getting a little sleepy. Gonna hit the bed for my nap le..

P/S: Would like to greet Little Tif a Happy Birthday.



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