Saturday, November 28, 2009

Farewell my dear friend

It's wee hours in the morning. Not feeling a little sleepy, maybe slept too much earlier this afternoon. Yvonne is leaving this evening to a place where she can find happiness. I do really hope she can find her happiness and cast her depression far far away..

Recently so many things have happen to her. I believe leaving this place will be a better choice for her. And I believe that her career will take off to another level.. Will I miss her? Well, that's ofcos. But whats there to worry off! The technology is so advance now, we can msn or even web chat! The only worry is that this blur sotong can't take care of herself well. She always fall sick.. "Gal you need to learn to take care of yourself. Make sure you don't fall sick wor"

Last but not least, I hope she will enjoy her trip to the fullest and never the least, don't forget the friends and family here.. We are right here waiting for you.. If you face any prob do call me or msn me, Okay! Bon Voyage.. All the best!



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