Friday, November 20, 2009

The busy work week

Catherine had been on leave for the past one week. And this one week is the most tough and tiring week for me. Stress level had move up to the red alert zone and I'm getting sleepless nights due to nightmare.

After surviving thru this week, it makes me feel more worried. Having the thought of Siti going for maternity leave makes me mad. Can't help but keep wondering if boss will get a temp staff to take over Siti.. Haiz, throw this aside. Let boss do the decision and all we can do is to sit and wait for the good news to come.

Although the stress level had gone up. I've never forget to cheer myself and my teammates up. Joking is always my strong point. Talking nonsense and making funny faces will never be missed. Oh Yah! Appraisal is just around the corner. I've been thinking how would I fare. Will I get the one I expected or just the other way round.. I wish and wish the best will be on my side.. Please wish me well.. I hope for my LV bag... And nvr to forget my holiday trip on March too..

Pray, pray, pray hard... ZZzzz...



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