Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Monday lor

It's Monday today and I'm @ home.. Am on leave today so will not feel blue today yah.. Finally my blog setting is back to normal.. Phew.. Have all my functions back..

Again another do nothing day. Had did laundry and household chores.. I wanted hubby yo come back to a clean home.. Afterall he is outside working hard.. I know he definitely will "chiong" finish his work in order to come back home early.

Tomorrow my renovator will be here to take a look on my lightings problem. Actually, I wanted to get other electrician to help me out today but on second thoughts, I think I should wait for him cos all my lightings wiring is hidden and they are the only ones who knows where the wiring is running. I hope they'll do a good job and not only solve my problem now and not forever. 制标不制本。 Short post for this.. Wanna go rest for a while le.. Tataz..

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