Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Day to work

It's Sunday today. Another day to working week again. Time passes really fast. I need a good rest I think.

Many things happen this weekend and I hope the nightmare will wake up soon. I am really tired in physical and emotion. May sound a little emo.. Yes! I am. Think its PMS. So emotionally that I've make a friendship turn a little sour. I apologise if she thinks that I'm bad mouthing her. "Sorry gal if it makes you feel bad and hope you just treat it as I'm whining for what I think."

Physically tired cos the stupid diarrea and the stupid vomitting. I hate the stupid stomach. So many germs that cause the problem. Had been sleeping throughout this whole day. But still tired which I do not know why.

Just had my dinner and writing this post. Think I need to head to my bed again. Good night everyone. Will get update again soon.

P/S : I hope my phone will ring soon. hahahaha.. My dear do call me. So many things wanna tell you wor.. Hehehehe..

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