Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Finally, the KFC annual National Champs Challenge (NCC) is over. Though we only managed to grab the 2nd runner up title, but it is better than nothing. To be frank, this year, I only thought of just letting the players play for fun and gain experience from there. But who knows, the dark horse actually run out. Nevertheless, I would like to take the opportunity to thank them for their effort. Wish them well in Regional Champs Challenge.

After the NCC game, I went to their chalet for some relaxing moments. We went swimming and I've got myself badly sunburned. I mean it, really bad burn. Like a 3rd degree burnt.. My arms are in pain for nearly a week and is slowly getting better. I'm like a cooked lobster, reddish from head to toe.. Hahahah.. Anyone interested in this big lobster?

Work wise. Still the same but think these 2 days is extremely busy. Prolly cos Siti was on MC and we need to cover her job too.. Oh yah! Wanna congrats her here. She is 2 mths pregnant.. Hmmm... Looks like I have to buck up abit.. Need to chiong for my 1st baby liao.. Cannot lose out..

Next and I think it is seriously affecting me. Recently, I've been having weird dreams. I dreamt of him asking me to leave everything behind and go with him (shall not disclose who this "he" is.).. The worst part is, this dream had been following me for the past few days. What the hack is wrong with me? Other then this, I also dreamt that hubby refuse to let me buy the stuffs I want. Arggghh!! That is really bad. How can hubby stop me from buying things that I want. But in the actual fact, I know hubby will not treat me this way. He will give everything I want to me. He will grant my wish. I know he is the best to me.. That's why I know I won't leave him behind and follow others go. I will stay by his side and shower him with my love until the day he don't want me which I doubt so... I really wish the dream will never come back again. I need peace in my mind. I can't take the kinda stress anymore. I.. I.. I am lost in words now again. Forget about it.. Drop the subject.

Let me think of something fun. I'm planning for a holiday this September.. Going cruise with Mum and my friends. I need a enjoyable holiday man.. Can't wait for September to arrive. Plus, I haven't seen my dear girlfriend since her birthday till now. Wonder if she miss me anot. Shall arrange a day with her to KTV and sing our lungs out.. Need to sign off now..

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