Thursday, June 25, 2009

Foul Mood

Not in the right mood today. A little angry and pissed off. Had plan an off day to see their play and certain appt to meet up. But the feel is like I'm the un-invited one. Anyway no matter what, I will just act blur ba..

Had everything plan up but seems a little screwed up. No matter what, I will just do as my way. The feeling of being left out is not nice. At times do really want to give up but I do cherish this type of relationship. In short, my mood realy sour. Haven't been feeling good recently.

A friend of mine ever ask me. How can I still treat a friend who betray me a friend? This puzzle me too. 以得服人吧! But I don't actually think now. Infact now I'm really mad. I think I better stop here in anycase I put my anger in here. Will carry on when I'm feeling better.



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