Monday, April 13, 2009

The long week end just ended

First of most, I need to wish every a belated Happy Easter Day. Hope you guys have lotsa chocolate easter eggs.. Alright, the long weekend just officially ended. And tomorrow need to start to work hard le wor. Prolly another battle to go cos the migrating of the system had just completed, so I believe there will be another lot of jobs to learn and do.

How was your holiday? Hope is a nice one. Mine? Duh... Simple one. Had gone prawning on Saturday night, then mahjong session till Friday morning 7 am. After mahjong session, had accompany mum to market for breakfast. Headed home after breakfast and then sleep all the way till night time. Basically, the whole Friday was a sleeping day for me and hubby. We slept the whole day. Then on Saturday, another lazy day for us. We stayed at home the whole day and sleep, watch tv, eat and sleep.. Hahahah. Such a big pig we are right!

Today, we went to pray my dad for the Chinese Ching Ming Festival. After that headed to Ang Mo Kio Market for late breakfast. Went home straight for a rest and a small talking session with mum. It's been time since we sit down and had a good chat. It just feel so warm when you know your mum is just still concern about you. Be it in work, personal life and especially when she knows I'm being stung badly by the mosqitoe last week when I go prawning @ Pasir Ris. She helped me to apply to medicated cream. Hahahah.. To be frank, the act makes me return back to my young times when I was in Primary school. I really miss those schooling days. Then abt evening time, we went for dinner with Royce, Karen, Vincent, Geling and the kids @ Changi Airport Fish & Co. Quite a nice and heavy dinner.. Till now, I'm still feeling bloated. Oh yah! We went for Swensen's Ice cream after the dinner too. So can you imagine how full I am now..

Nearly forgotten. Have you file you income tax already? Do you know the due date for the filing is on this coming Wednesday? Do remember to still submit your income tax even though your company is submitting your salary for you wor. Don't be like hubby kanna fine cos he did not submit on his end.

Alright its late liao. Need to clear up the mess and go sleep liao.. Oppss.. Still forget to download the photos.. Argghh!! Will try to do it tomorrow ba.. Night night!

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