Saturday, March 14, 2009

Korean Day 7

Yes.. This is the last post for my Korea trip.. Finally, I've finish the post.. Hahahah..

7th Day - View from our last hotel in Korea

High Rise Bldg in the City

7th Day - 1st Int (1998 Olympics Stadium)

Our breakfast in a cruise

7th Day - 2nd day Int (Filming Site Taewang Sahin Gi)

Entrance of film site

One of the old house of the filming site

Props used in the film

Props in film

Houses build for the film

Group photo

Hubby & me

Trying to push the cart

Hubby & me fighting with the props

Scenery of Film site

Centre stage of film site

Another view of film site

Hubby @ the gate of the film site

Me @ the gate of film site

Me @ the center stage

Film Site

3 main characters of the film

Me & 3 main leads

Hubby & 3 main leads

Hubby on the hard ride horse

Me on the hard ride horse

Another pose on the horse

Jun (our camera man) & our tour group

Shawn (our Tour guide), Jun and us

Our last meal in Korea (Incheon Airport) Flying back to Singapore soon

Now you see it.. Now you don't.

Yeah! Finally finish.. More to come for my Genting trip this month end.. Hang on ya!

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