Friday, February 27, 2009

Everything ends here

Finally I have the courage to tender my resgination to her. Till now, my mood is like a roller coaster. One moment high up to the sky and next it drop to the bottom of the hell..

She called me just now and we had a chat. I told her I wanted to have an environment change and feel really bad. Infact, I treasure all the times while working there. I love the work but not the environment. Lotsa things had happen and is making my character starting to change. It is rather annoying as it is affecting my hubby too. Deep in my heart and my brain, I really don't bear to leave the place. Probably like what Princess Yvonne had said, I'm having this feeling cos I'm leaving my comfort zone. Initially, I don't want to admit it but till now after the tendering, I had to admit it. Yes, I can't bear to leave my comfort zone. Too be frank, who will want to leave their comfort zone and try out another one.

I very much want to let her know that I really appreciate the helps she have given me and her care and concern she had for me. It's hard to describe but I hope she understand my heart's word.

Since everything is gonna end here. I hope my next starting point will be a good one. Having to start everything all over again is not easy but I believe I can battle with it. I need you guys to cheer for me wor. Give me all the lucks you have wor..

Last but not least. I wish her, him and the company well. Hope everything sail smoothly for them. And not forgetting, from the bottom of my heart once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for whatever they had given me.


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