Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Korea Day 4

Sorry for the long long waiting.. I think I should not have it delay anymore. Here is the day 4 photo...

4th Day Breakfast in Hotel (Daegu)

Karen & her breakfast

Condos in Korea (Daegu)

Carpark of the Rest Station (Daegu)

Really cold

Me & Royce

4th Day (1st Int) Hawhoe Village (Andong)

So cold

Group photo in front of Tu Ti Gong & Tu Ti Po

Me @ Hawhoe Village

Hubby & Me

Area of the Village

What is this? Penis Wood Craft

Me & the Wood Craft

Hubby comparing with this big penis

Hubby still comparing

Tour Group viewing the Maple Tree

Maple Tree leaves

Plantation in Hawhoe Village

Entrance of a household

Me trying to reach the sunflower

Infront of a household

Chrysanthmum flowers

Field of Chrysanthemum

House in the village

Slave House in the Village

Playground of the village

Me playing the swing

Me & Karen playing Korea Seesaw

Group photo

Blossom Trail

Workers gathering the wheat

4th Day Lunch - Soysauce Chicken

Soysauce Chicken

Along the Road

View along the Road

4th Day (2nd Int)- Chunjuha Lake (Andong)

Our Cruise on Chungjuha Lake

View of Chungjuha Lake

Me @ Chungjuha Lake

Hubby & Me

Me & hubby again @ another view

Me on Cruise

View of Chungjuha Lake

View of Chungjuha Lake

View of Chungjuha Lake

View of Chungjuha Lake

View of Chungjuha Lake

Kare & Royce in the Cruise

Tour Group Photo

Another Group photo

4th Day (3rd Int) - Hotel Spa (Andong)

Me, Geling, Vincent, Royce & Karen

Trying to enjoy the Spa

Enjoying the Spa

Vincent loves the Spa massage

Royce enjoying the Spa massage

Karen enjoying the Spa Massage

Me, Karen & Royce

Geling & Vincent

Outside Hotel

Another view of the hotel

4th Day Dinner - Fish Soup Steamboat

Fish Soup Steamboat

Korea Cigratte Vending Machine

Phew finally finish downloading day 4 photos in Korea.. Still have another 4 days to go.. Will try to download it soon. So hang on ya.. ;P

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