Monday, January 5, 2009


Ouch!! My whole body is aching like hell now.. Come to think, I find myself rather ridiculous. I have shop for nearly 10 hrs.. I ended up home with swollen ankles and serious backache.

I went to Jusco Tebrau Jaya with my hubby, Karen, Suling & my sister with her family. We reach Johore custom about 11am. The new custom is so nice. It is like a international airport. The building is big and ofcos comes with strong aircon. After we cleared the custome, as due to my sister wants to only shop @ City Plaza, we therefore split with my sister and her family. We first headed straight to have our brunch. We boarded a taxi and ask if there is any A&W around Johore. He said yes and started his engine. When we reach the place, we were so happy cos we can have our long lost meal. But the place was rather ulu.. The restaurant was beside a petrol kiosk name Patronas.

After having our brunch, we took cab and head towards Jusco. We reach there around 1 plus and there we started our shopping. Total spenditure for the day was :-

1) 1 pair sandal - $25.00
2) 1 pc Bra & 3 pcs panties (Wacoal) - $199.00
3) 1 pair of black coloured Freshkon lens - $50.00
4) 1 set DIY wall clock - $77.00
5) 2 tins of New Year Cookies - $30.00
6) 1 tin of New Moon Pacific Clams - $25.00

Total amt : $406.00 (In Ringgit)

I am still not able to buy my new year shoe and clothings.. Guess I need to hurry up before I'm late again. Shall cut this short, will update my Korea photos again soon.

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