Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Belated Christmas

It's already 2 days after Christmas. So have you recover from your partying and get ready for the coming count down? Have you got what you wanted this year? For me, I've received 3 pressie. One from hubby , one from my lady boss (a LV coin purse) and one from Karen (a keychain with Winnie the Pooh & my name on it).

My Christmas eve was a simple one. Had a steamboat dinner with hubby and watch TV together. Initially, I wanted to prepare Spaghetti with Cold Storage Roasted Chicken and top with log cake. But when we reach Cold Storage Supermarket, the queue for the Roasted chicken was freaking long. So we decided to give that a missed and thus also decide to change our main course to steam boat instead. We bought the instant soup and all the ingredients for our steam boat and head to Emi Cakes for the mini Log cakes. But but.. It was sold out. Out of no choice we got to get the normal version of chocolate log cakes.. Gosh! How are we supposed to finish it.

Upon reaching home, Hubby prepare to cook for the rice and soup base while I prepare to cut all the ingredients and marinate it. After dinner, we sat on the sofa and watch TV till I fall asleep.

Around 12am, Hubby woke me up saying that there is fire works. One of the bedroom in my house can view fireworks from Marina. I told him there is no fireworks on Christmas eve and I carry on with my sleep. Then he shake me again. This time with a box. I half open my eyes and he greeted me Merry Christmas. I was like caught in surprise. But I hug the pressie he gave me and slump back to bed. Then again he pull me up and ask me to open my gift. With my blurry eyes, I opened up the pressie and saw the T-Shirt.. It's the Polo Ralph Polo Tee that I wanted to buy for years. But cos of saving money for new house and our Korea trip I did not buy it.. (The design is the one with a big horse in front and a number @ the sleeve but this time hubby bought one is the latest design. It's with alot of horses in front and a number @ the side.) Although its not a very valuable pressie but I am so touch.. He actually made the effort to buy it and had it hide and surprise me when the clock strikes 12. Me.. What I bought for hubby? Ermmm.. In fact I still haven't get him his Christmas pressie yet.. But don't scold me yet. I wanted to bring him to Singtel shop to buy his mobile phone. I want to let him chose the model he like.

This is how I spend my Christmas with my beloved hubby. Although not as magical as Princess Yvonne and the pressie is not as valuable as hers but I believe that we are (as in me with hubby and Yvonne with dunno who) as happy.. Well its time for me to plan for New Year menu again. Tataz...

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