Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Annoying Phone Calls

I am wondering how many of you guys who is reading my blog did received nuisance phone calls. For me, I did received lots of nuisance phone calls. Be it my own handphone or even my office.

This is my account of what happen on my mobile phone. It happens about a year back. One Indian man called me and spoke in Tamil. My first reaction is to tell him that he call the wrong no. and hoping for him to hang up and not waste my money for the mobile phone bill. Who knows he did not hang up and what he next action really surprises me. He scolded me vulgar language. I was shocked for a moment and I started to scold him back even more furiously.. I think must be my fierce tone of voice scare him off. But after a few days, he called again and does the same thing. And the whole thing lasted for about 1 month (like I think about 4 times) he stopped the phone call after I told him that I've already reported it to the police and once he call the police will be able to locate him and charge him for harassment.

I think my luck is running out, that's why I keep facing all sorts of nonsense. Can you imagine even office phone too have annoying calls. Once I've pick up a call and the caller ask for my boss and I told him that my boss is not around and probably I can assist on his enquiry. He insisted to speak to my boss and even want his mobile phone no. and I rejected him asking him to leave his no. instead. He scolded me with all the *(&%*(#^@&^%& and hang up. I was stunned for a moment and ofcos very angry but no choice, he had already hang up the phone and I can't do anything. After a week or so, the same person called up again, when I was about to pick up my rifle (my mouth and salivia) to shoot at him, he quickly pass the phone to his colleague. She also ask for the same thing and again I rejected. To my horror, she did the same thing as the male subject. This is the 2 worst encounter on nuisance/annoying calls.

How about you? Have you ever met with any case worst then mine? Well well, no more fear, now there is a website whereby you can report the phone nos. or even check the phone nos.. Report Annoying Callers now allows you to find out who is calling you.

Examples of some of the reporters.

713-471-9921 from Goat
Male voice on the other end, almost indecipherable. On call back, the voice mail went to Adam somebody. Has called 6 or 7 times today. Sometimes answers and immediately hangs up.

714-658-2303 from Tim
This is a promoter that spams websites with junk. Creates multiple accounts, but always uses the same phone number.

808-389-1876 from FraudSparrow
This phone number is for Rodney Sparrow who is a FRAUD. Do not give any money to this guy. He will take your money and RUN. FRUAD ALERT.

560-623-1402 from tawanda
unknown called , i do not know who that is

314-681-0979 from unknown
I received a phone call from this number and it was a lady trying to sell sex. I was very offended and hung up on her. She called back twice after that and I did not answer it.

310-485-8984 from Jackson
Claiming to be warranty specialist... but just calling to annoy. Somewhere located in California

What are you waiting for? Have a try out and probably you will find out who the caller is. So visit Report Annoying Callers now..

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