Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lazy Post again

Yup yup.. I am starting to blog again. Yet another lazy post. I really need to buck up more in blogging. At such a point of blogging, it will be hard to earn money from blogging.

Yesterday, Princessa was asking me if I would like to appear on Gadget3 Magazine: Your Say (Interview)‏(just a little small section). She ask me what is my 1st Next Year's Resolution. Initially, in my heart after seeing this question, I kept on thinking what the hell is my new resolution. Pause for awhile, this new resolution strike me. I wanted to travel once every 3 mths and ofcos to the places I always wanted to go like Europe, Japan, US and many others. In fact, I have been wanted to achieve this resolution but not being able to too.

Well, I do have other resolution too, but not priority. My next resolution is to have my car upgrade to Lexus RX300. (That's fat hope). Then next I want to have a very very nice figure like I use to have. Followed by, I wanna be a pretty mum.. (Haiz, its time to have a baby with hubby). Hmmm, I think I should be stopping here cos I don't really wanna disclose my secret out.. Anyway, Princessa it's okie if I am not featured on ur mag, I know my pic always give you problem.

Princess Yvonne, I will upload my photo real soon, prolly immediately after this post. Oh, I also wanna tell you this, "I am really happy to hear that you are enjoying ur life with ur "newly met" (I hope you know who I am refering too). I am hoping to hear you laughter back like I used to hear and I think yesterday I've heard it. Pls keep it up gal. Laughter should be from you heart and not inorder to make your friend happy you just smile. Remember, follow where your heart lead you and not running away."

Alright, I thought this is a lazy post and yet I am writing so much. I am so so back to blogging I guess.. Gonna sign off now, shall have another post with the Korea pics for sure..

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