Friday, November 7, 2008

Being a Dumb

Don't get offended by my title of my blog wor.. I am just trying to express out my feelings of being unable to talk / talk well..

I was attack my flu bug and had lost the battle since Tues. So now the virus had attack my throat and the throat is now infected. Due to the throat infection, I have lost the ability of talking / talking properly now.. On Wednesday nite, out of a sudden, I've lost my voice, which I dunno wad is the cost at that time. So on Thursday, I just go to work as per normal. When I reach office and start to battle, I notice that I simply can't talk properly. Down the whole day, the most single word I heard from others is "HUH".. Arrggghh.. So about 1545, I took half day and went to see doctor..

After diagnose, the doctor said that my throat was infected by virus and he said that my ear might be attack too.. He had given me some swell medication for my throat and antibiotic to complete the course. He even given me double dosage for the antibiotic as I told him I am going for holiday tomorrow..

Now, even thou. I was given 2 days MC. I am still in the office working. Then this bloody idiot (the manager) gave me attitude.. I just shot him and email cos it really pissed me off.

I don't know if its cos you are busy.. If you feel offended if I ask you the 2nd time when I don't understand what you trying to say. Then pls send me an email to tell me..

I can't hear well and talk well cos of infection. I am supposed to be on MC today. If you really that pek chek in talking to me den tell me, I will take the MC and ask June to send down Dorlyn.. Just don't throw your temper..

If I know, I have to suffer this type of attitude, I would have just take the mc and rest at home. KNN.. Damn pissed off now.. Let me go cool down first.. Bye..

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