Thursday, October 9, 2008

An Email to her...

Some what I am feeling better though I am still in this sickening office. The moments of me sending out my resume via emails is making me tremendously happy. Whenever my HP ring, I will be a little over high. Why the fark am I so happy. Simple.. The thoughts of me leaving this place is making me happy and I am seriously very happy.

Another thing which is making me happy is cos I've send her an email to pour out all my unhappiness. And today, she sounded very polite without all her sarcastic words. (I supposed she knows that I am about to resign soon)


It takes me lots of courage to type out this email which carries all my troubles from the bottom of my heart.

I do not know why this afternoon you were asking me about if our side is very busy and you are wondering why our side got so many hiccups since no much cases. To be frank, recently, lots of reporting cases over at my side. You may say that I could have just pass the form too them but some of them do not understand English and want us to file for them. Other then reporting case, I still have the driving instructor cases.. Renewals, prepare and post out to them and new cases is rather alot for the past few days. I am trying hard to clear it fast as its the early week of the month.. Pls don't get the wrong idea of me complaining my workload, to be frank, I am fine with the workload but I need some time to clear it especially early weeks of the month.

As for the estimate, I seriously have done my best to chase him for it.. But all he tell me is he is very busy ask me to wait if not other wise he would just keep mum.. I am at the verge already. I don't know what can I do.

Probably, you could advise me what have I done wrongly so I can try to change from there. I also don't want to have anything unhappy among employer and employee.. I also wants to apologise to you for my harshness lately as I can't stand his nonsense.. He is the one giving problem and ended up everyone gets the blame which I feel unfair.. I always don't understand why he is always busy and yet not in the office nor workshop. I am sorry if I am not lessening your burden in works but giving you problems.


Berlin Lim (Ms)

Sounded emo, sounded pissed off.. Yes I am! Yesterday in fact I am emo and pissed off. They drove me to a corner where I can't take it any longer and I chose to vent it out via email to her. I don't want to suffer any longer.. It's enough of nonsense.

Alright, signing out now.. Mood very good so far.. Need to *pops* champagne lohhh.. Bye..

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