Friday, October 3, 2008

Is it My Shelf Life is up?

I have always been thinking that not only products have shelf life but too living beings. Take example for my job, still remember my first resignation was about 3 years ago and that's also the first time, I feel that my shelf life in my company had come to an end and therefore, I should leave the place to hunt for a new shelf life. But after about a year outside, I actually came back to the old office (which is my present office) as my lady boss had called me and ask me to help her. Since I feel her sincerity on asking me back (pls take note, not cos of monetary sincerity as I am still getting back the same pay before I leave the place). At that time, when she needed me the most, she told me in future if there is anything unhappy, I could bring out and tell them, rather then I just keep it until one fine day, I explode and leave the place again. Well, @ that time, I was actually dumb enough to believe. Someone ever told me "Hey dude, didn't you know a leopard won't changes its spots." Back then, I was like "Aiya, I believe her lah" (In my motto, I will always believe in ppl.) myspace graphic comments

NOW, right now, I am really feeling bad. All the sincerity that time seems lost. I can't find back the days where we have good talks whenever things happen. Ever since from the time, I borrowed money from them (which they offer to lend it for my house renovation when I wanted to loan from bank) everything seems to have change. My colleague Uncle Bee told me, If I borrowed the money from them, I will have to stay right at the bottom of their foot liao. I told him " NO lah, they won't be like tat de lah. Money and working is totally different issue. Some more it was them offer me de, not I approach them de wor.. How to reject their offer since, I do not need to pay for the interest fee" But now, I seriously regretted. It seems that, they thought that I had borrow the money from them and I can't leave the place and so they can do or say anything they want without using their ass to think first. myspace graphic comments

Many things actually happen ever since I borrow the money from them. Its all I keep in my heart but recently, it's getting from bad to worst and even hurting to my pride and my feelings. I had it exploded and came to a decision. Return the money to them and see the situation. If they are still giving me that type of stupid farking attitude, I will leave forever and never step back here again. If not, I will "tahan" until after bonus then leave.. Leave is for sure, its only a matter of when. myspace graphic comments

Well enough of whining and I believe lots of my friends will say "Blah, again office de lor.. Nothing much to say liao meh... Always got this problem den just leave the place for goodness sake lah.. Keep complaining also no use de mah.. Still have to "ren" since they are your bosses and you have no choice, you are taking their money and you have to oblige to them..." SO no that's why I "Lan Lan" have to whine here instead lor..

P/S : Now starting to hunt for job. So anyone wants to recommend or hire me.
A little description of my job scope here. Basically, I am in motor claims line. We help car owners to proceed t/party claims when they are involved in accident. My job is to attend to them, help them in E-filing, explain how the whole claims goes. How much chances they have in winning? Then next is to arrange insurance company to arrange surveyor to survey the damage vehicle (meaning, I have to type out the estimate too). Next I have to renew Driving Instructors insurance. Yup Yup, my company does insurance too. I have to send invoices to the owners for after renewing the policy. (So not only renew nia). I have to do some basic accounting stuffs too. Then next, I have to arrange manager or boss to meet up customer.(Machiam Secretary) Oh, not forgetting, I have to do invoicing to insurance company after vehicle repaired and followed by negotiate with them for settlement. After settlement, need to arrange owner to come back to sign the form to agree settlement and close the file accordingly after receiving the money.. Like bangala lei.. So employ me lah.. Leave me msg wor.. I sure reply de...

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