Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Much better than Yesterday

Today, my mood is much better than yesterday. Hubby didn't send me to work wor.. What happen to him lei? Hahaha.. It's his annually reservist.. Don't understand why the government need him so much. It's either yearly or every half a year wor.. Probably cos he can't pass his IPPT and the officer made him come back every reservist to excerise ba.. Hehehe..

First time took bus to work from my new home to office. It's a tough job for me.. For those who don't know me well. I am always chauffered by my hubby anywhere 365 days a year. Basically even if I am going out with my friends without him, he will still either drive or ride me to the destination then he go home and later when I finished everything he would come back and fetch me again. How nice of him hor.. Still remember last year I wrote the same post on going to work alone and this year again, I am writing it.. Shall not pen down again on how I miss hubby but to pen down how could I miss the bus stop.

Took bus 43 from my house to the main road intending to take bus 88 to office. When the bus reach the main road, (remembering mum said to alight @ the first bus stop) I alighted immediately. I was shock when I raise my head to look @ the indiation of bus no. There is NO bus 88.. So I grumbled and hurried to the 2nd bus stop further down. Damn it!! Still don't have. No choice, I walk to the 3rd bus stop and only to find bus 88.. And guess wad! I saw bus no. 43 too.. *Faint* When bus no.88 arrive, I boarded the bus. When my office is nearing, I saw lotsa ppl alighting and I thought that is the bus stop so I followed to alight too. Guess what, I alighted too early again. This time round, I have to walk for 3 bus stop to reach my office. Damn it! And bus no.88 too stop infront of my office.. ARRRGGGHHH.. I am a farking idiot.. What a big stupid fool I am..

So now, I am in office still cooling down. While cooling down, I pick up a phone call and I heard her saying something which bang my day!! Shall disclose what the conversation is when everything is confirm.. To be updated.

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