Monday, September 1, 2008

MMM = Mad Monday Morning

I am feeling really mad now.. Damn farking angry.. The anger is simply out of control.. If I were given a gun, I will shot him down with few shots.. If I were given bomb, I will bomb him up with all my bombs..

Early in the morning, give me all the nonsense. Have I done anything wrong? Why must talk to me in you farking attitude? Will giving you a tight slap wakes your farking idea? You thought I wanna know how everything goes with the case? You thought I very much love to check out what have you been doing with the case or you thought I wanna check if you are sleeping on the case? Let me say, I WOULDN'T GIVE YOU A DAMN. If not otherwise lady boss ask me, do you think I bother to talk to you about work. I CAN'T BE BOTHERED ABOUT YOU!! Stop making yourself like you are the saint, you are the boss. IN FACT PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT YOU ARE NOT MY FARKING BOSS. You are just a farking slacking manager which I don't look up on you. You are just as simply useless as me. Both of us can't help bosses much and in fact we are always giving stupid problem to them.. YOU BETTER FARKING GET YOUR ASS OUT OF YOUR SEAT AND FARKING DO YOU JOB PROPERLY.

Let me tell you. In fact, I do not wanna much talk to you on works. I do not want to see you in the office in fact. Whenever you are on leave, I am so freaking happy. I am able to work peacefully. Let me tell you this, NO ONE loves to work with you. YOU ARE A FARKING FREAK ORGE.. YOU ARE WORST THAN SHREK..

I very much wanna change my attitude towards you in work but you wouldn't allow me to do so.. I am trying hard not to quarrell with you but you wouldn't allow. You just love to let me raise my voice at you when I talk to you, you love me to throw my face at you. You are just pathetic.. Enough said of all these nonsense. LEAVE ME ALONE!!! %*(#&*()&(*

(Stupid of me writing this post. He is not even reading a single words.. Fark! I am just hopping mad with his farking attitude to me..)

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