Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Staying In Kampong or in HDB

I am really very very very fustrated with the problem I am facing now for my flat. At times I am wondering why must all the bad things happen to me in my new flat. First is my renovation issue, then the aircon and now is the freaking water supply.

Look here, I pay the water and electrical fee promptly. I don't owe PUB any money but at times, I do not get my water supply. Even if there is water supply, the water pressure is like peeing. WTF!! How to wash my hair with the water pressure I am having now. With all the conditioner on my hair and I have to use at least 15-20 mins to wash cleanly.

Few days back ago. Oh... NO.. Not, it should be in fact few months back ago. Initially when we notice the water pressure issue, I thought that I could be because no one moved in yet so the people maybe did not turn on the supply fully or what ever so.. But now, when the flat around 80% full, the water supply is getting from bad to worst. Just 2 weeks ago at a Saturday afternoon, I went to bath and while my whole body was soapy, the water supply just went dripping and then nothing. And I have to wait in the toilet with all the soap and shampoo around for about 10mins. Worst part is, today, I already woke up late for work and was in hurry to brush and wash up. But the water supply is giving us problem again. Hubby flush the toilet after use and after that it was me wanted the flush the toilet. But there is no water coming out. I told probably the toilet bowl is refilling water so I proceed to brush my teeth. GOD DAMN! There is totally no water at all.. We waited and waited and waited. Like about 10 mins, we try again and this time round, its like peeing. Then we waited for another 10 mins, the water is slight more for brushing teeth but not for bathing. Out of no choice, I give bathing a miss. (I don't wish too).. Be it in the morning, afternoon or even midnight, there is bound to be a day either water supply is like peeing or no water at all.. I HAD ENOUGH OF ALL THIS FARKING NONSENSE.

So I decided to complaint up to HDB. I called them & a lady picks up the phone. After hearing my complain, she pity me too. She immediately get a technician to call me. (so prompt service & I wanna compliment her here.) Few minutes later, a guy called me over my phone and fix an appointment with me to take a look at the water issue.

Technician : "Hello can I speak to Ms Berlin?"

Me : "Yup. Speaking here."

Technician : "Understand your complaint about the water. Can I go and see now?"

Me : "Now!.. But no one is at home"

Technician : "Then when can I come?"

Me : "How about tomorrow around 10 am?"

Technician : "Alright, I will be at your house around 10-10.30am"

Me: "But sir, the water problem is not every issue. It just happen when it feels like to happen"

Technician : "Is it the whole flat or just the bathroom? Have you open the pipe outside your
house to full blast?"

Me : "Yah yah, mu husband already open it to full blast but still no use. Anyway, I am not the one
complaint. My neighbours are all saying that the water supply is terrible"

Technician : "But Miss, so far only received your complaint"

Me : "Precisely, no one is taking action and I have to do it. Nobody knows where to call. I too got
to know from friend that I should call town council to lodge a complaint."

Technician : "But Miss, you called HDB and not town council."

Me (Abit flare up already) : "I can't find the town council no. so I choose to call HDB"

Technician : "Anyway, I will go take a look and will call you back, I will also help you to revert
back to town council if needed."

Me (cooled down abit) : "Thanks for your help."

So now, we shall wait and see. If I don't get the water, I shall video it down and find ways to complain. EVEN IF I HAVE TO GO ALL THE WAY THE THE RC MEMBER.

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