Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gate Opening Tomorrow! You Scared?

Tomorrow is the yearly Hungry Ghost Festival. I'll bet the hasty situation gonna come back for the whole month. Still remembering when I am young, my parents will tell me to come home early and must be before the dark. If we are home late, they will follow us home and scare us to our wits.

Actually, talking about all these old woman tales is rather interesting. Let me jot down a few examples. We can't step onto the offerings on the floor if not our legs will swollen the next day. We can't put the word "die" on our mouth, otherwise those ghost will come after our lifes. Another traditional that we can't missed it is our Ge-Tai. A place where loads of artistes perform for the "buddy" to see and ofcos for us "human beings" too.. Oh! If you ever have a chance to see the Ge-Tai, remember not to occupy the front seats wor.. I heard mum saying those seats are reserved for the "Brothers". Old folks also did mentioned that we are not allow to go swimming during the festival cos "they" might grab our leg and drown us.. They are still many many more tales and its up to you whether you believed it or not.

Well well, for me, I will believed half and the balance half not. So remember to go home early today wor.. Don't exceed 12 midnight today so they won't follow you home on the very first day of their gate release.

Muhahahahahaha... I seen one beforeeeeee... Have youuuuuu????

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