Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hate = Love = Hate

Someone once tells me "If there is hate meaning there is love. If there is no love there should be no hate". After all these years I've been thru from the age of 15 and I do believe in that. I have always been saying this too, "God had been fair to everyone of us. You will have this and will have to lose that too.. It's pretty fair and I've very much accept what God is giving us.

Recently a BFF of mine is really down and is in the darkest of her life now. I have been trying to pull her out of the dark hole but she choose to stay in there. It hurts me to see her being a mud in that dark hole. "Running away from anything doesn't help you solved the problem. Facing it bravely is the only way. I know its hard to know how you really feel cos only you yourself will know the true feeling in you. But before acting on anything, I suppose you should think of the people around you who is concern about you. Open up yourself and be brave to face all the obstacles. Life is like this nothing sweet from the initial."

For me, too, feeling rather bad since last Saturday. I seriously hate to quarrell with mum. Yah me Princess Fiona had a heat argument with my mummy.. That's bad ya.. But I can't control my temper. She seems to have change another person. She became more and more selfish even to her own children and also became more and more paranoid. I can't stand all these nonsense. What really happen was, she promised me something and dunno for what farking reasons, she change her mind again. She had been changing her mind over and over again. I seriously don't know what her friends had been "physcoling" her.. Damn it! My plan are all wreck by her. Guess much my holiday for this December to Korea will down too the drain too..

Arrrgghhhh... Don't wanna say much on these too.. It's making my blood boil again... Too many things had happen in these few days. I hope all my friends and kins around me will be happy and free from trouble always.

"GOD, pls give them more sweets to sweeten their lives and stop feeding them your bitter gourd."

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