Friday, August 1, 2008

Plannings for today

Now only 9:30am, in the office and I am already planning my happening for tonight. TGIF.. I seriously have no mood staying in office since Monday. I don't for what reason too.. I have been wanting to go home from the moment I reach office. (pls note, I usually don't have that kinda feelings).

Planning to go NATAS fair with Karen today @ the Changi Expo. Yup Yup! Plan to go on holiday again. (last trip was last year wor..) This year, we are going to Korea. *Ayohasayo* Praying hard we can find a cheap package. Have been looking around this few days and most of the price is around $1700.00 for 8Days. The only difference is only the itinerary is different.

Seongsan Sunrise Peak

Teddy Bear Museum

Isn't it fun! I can't wait for November to come now.. hehehehe.. Anyone can advise where to go for Korea is more fun?

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