Friday, August 1, 2008

This song specially deciated to my BFF

Yesterday, I was watching the Entertainment News (娛樂百分百) host by Show Luo Zhi Xiang & Xiao Gui. They were interviewing Elva Hsiao on her new ablum - 3 Face Elva. One of the songs she recommend was 两个人的寂寞. Its about 2 person who don't love each other already but still refuse to tell each other to break off due to that kinda "Use to it" feeling. But if the relation is gonna hold on to it due to that kinda of feeling & not cos of love.. Then no point being together le.. Be seperated will sometimes do good to ownself or even to the other part.

Gal, I hope you will be strong and I promise you this, I will not dump you as a friend. But you need to promise me too that you will stand up as soon as possible..

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