Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Waterfall at Home

Finally, my home water supply is back to normal. The HDB / Town Council technician actually came on Thursday to get it done up.

As known from them, the water supply pipe which supply water from the water pump is choke. CHOKE! By what? They wouldn't describe. Just brush away the topic by saying its some nails and construction stuff..

Right now, the water is just running like a waterfall. I even only need to on half of the tap to get enough supply of water. Hope this situation will last forever and not the water supply pipe gets choke again.

BTW, just a little information for those who reads my blog and is facing this problem. Your home water supply shouldn't be running like peeing. It is very usual to have a strong pressure of water. SO, if you are facing this problem too. Please proceed to your Town Council and get them to check your piping out. Probably its choke too..

Alright that should be all... Tataz.. =)

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