Monday, August 25, 2008

Mini Renovation for my New home?

Me & hubby have the same thinking. We are thinking about our new love nest. The living room wall was rather plain and we are thinking that the lightings in our home is rather dim. (Although we requested for it but we also request for bright as in 2 in 1 but the brightness that the contractor gave is not enough.)

So I decided to use the power of Internet. I browse around to look for any interesting lightnings which can at the same time can decorate our love nest. And I found the Farreys. They offer wide varieties /range of lightnings. From Ambience Lighting, Fine Art Lamps, Outdoor lights and many more. Let me show you a few of the lightings. Don't be surprise if you find any one which is suitable to you.

Forecast Lightings

Well Well.. For those who have the intention to buy any lightings, are you already getting ready to purchase online.. I find it so nice.. They have many many more designs for you to choose from. Don't wait if you want to get one for your home.. Wei.. Why are you still here for? You should clicking on any of the link liao wor!!
Tataz.. I wanna carry on browse to see any of my favourite one.

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