Monday, September 1, 2008


*Crying hard*.. I am really heart broken.. I think that no one will feel how I am feeling now.. I am on the verge of giving up... Yes! I surrendered to that bastard.

I am sick of wearing the battle suit to fight when I come to work.. I am here to work not to battle. Worst part is, no one knows what happen in office, just me and him. And my bosses trusted him so much. I am just a clerk in their eyes. I won't be able to do anything much to help them desipte working for so long. In fact, all the shits in my branch was cleared by me and yet no one knows. All bosses know is that he is doing everything nicely here. He is the man who can run the branch so well.. But they never even bother to see who is doing all these. Tell me how can a man sleeping in the office, having coffee during operating hours do any thing in helping the bosses.

*Still bleeding in my heart* Guess nothing much can stop the bleed from now. I am just speechless and just tired. I need a break so I surrender. I don't wanna to fight anymore. Sorry to say that I am useless. I want to have a peaceful day. Have been thinking the whole morning. I would repay the money back to my boss and bid goodbye to them and shall start afresh outside the world. Perhaps Eric aka Kok Hong was right, I am a hermit crab. I should be more expose to the world to find more reality outside. I should venture my own career out of my hard shell..

It's timeee......

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