Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What I am busying with since September?

Have been busy from the start of the month of September. With all the appointments on the weekends (even as till date), I am unable to load up all the photos I took with my N95. Not to say to blog any of the appts. I have decided, I shall get it done up by latest by this Sat..

Wondering what will I be busy with being a employee? Things I have been doing is like, visiting my BFF at her shop, help her to put up posters, re-decorate her shop to bring in biz. Went for BBQ with my KFC staffs as one of my staff Yuxiang is going NS soon.. Gonna miss him for sure. Miss his vulgarities, his burping and many more. Went for prawning with Rina and Victor. Went to do my hair with some extension and crystals with my BFF. That's all I can remember for now.

Gonna rush off soon. Shall get it update latest by Saturday.. Till then CYA!!



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