Monday, September 29, 2008

Random Photos!! (Finally I did it)

Alright, finally upload the some photos.. In fact I should have more photos to load up. But after browsing through it, I find some of the photos are few mths back liao.. Hahahaha.. So what I did, I deleted the photos away.. Hmm.. Guess Yvonne muz be yelling @ me now.. (Gal, pai seh ar, I lazy to upload so many at one shot, so I chose to delete the photos.)

Back to the photos.. Remember I mentioned before Yvonne's new buddy PRINCESS.. I've taken a few photos with her when I visited Yvonne @ Square 2 (yup yup, she brought her puppy to her shop)..

Look at her.. Isn't she cute.. Wahaahaha.. She look the same as NIKI when he was young.

She is so gorgeous.. Simply irresistible

Here is NIKI.. He is too tired after being chased by PRINCESS when I bring him to visit Yvonne

He seems a little pissed off with my N95 camera flash.. Wahahaha *Smirk*

Next is my outing with my KFC managers and staffs for one of my staff YuXiang's farewell. He is leaving for NS..

Yummy *Slurp* Our food BBQing wor.. Waiting and waiting and waiting.......

Enjoying our foods..

After our food, plannin for some games.

Our usual game, Zhong Ji Mi Ma.. Loser will have to use the charcoal and draw the face. So end up on 4 out of 9 player kanna..

Can't stop laughing after seeing each other's silly drawn face.

That's all folks.. End of all the photos.. I suppose I should be hard working to download the photo once I've taken it.. Had been lazy for the past few mths.. Too many functions to attend liao..

Errm.. Friends around me had been asking what happen to me on Friday and Saturday. Why am I so so freaking down for that day? Well, its all about office issue. I personally feels that the office sucks. I feel that my pride is totally tear down by my lady boss. I feel that I have been accuse of stuffs which I have not done. She don't give me the chance to explain why I did that, all she say "Wrong means wrong, no need to explain anymore.." with an add on "Use your brain lah, so stupid de meh.. Use your brain in future hor" Infact, I have use my brain but she refuse to give me the chance to make decision. I need to ask for her approval before doing anything. The fact is that she is busy with her own stuff and did not listen properly on my proposal and she push the responsibility when things happen.. Funny yah! Her late decision turns out to my fault and my no brain and my stupidity.. Enough, I have enough of all her insultations. I wanna return her the money and throw the resignation. I need my pride back, I want my confident back.

Actually Saturday was the worst day I ever had.. Totally no mood and had cried for several hours. (Find me stupid? Say me lousy. I just can't stand accusation.. I can't.. ) I decided to spend my time with NIKI instead of going out shopping with Yvonne. (Cancelled the appointment with her cos I do not wish to affect her with my mood). After bring NIKI for a nice trim cut and bath, I visited Yvonne. After which, She intro me to some of her friends at a BBQ session. Nice friends to mix with. But a little sad where Hubby wanna leave the place early as he was tired.

Yvonne, pai seh hor.. Did not stay late thought you friends are really fun.. Hope to invite you and them to Alan's Birthday BBQ @ Downtown East wor! Ke Yi Ma?

I think I should log off soon cos my eyes are shutting down real soon.. Don't even know what I am typing.. Not linking at all.. A lousy post I have written. But pls forgive me. Like the title say, its just a random post.. So I just type wad randomly came to me.. Good nite guys... Tataz!!

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