Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who the is most Reckless Drivers?

Sorry to have MIA from my blog for the past few days.. I am actually chasing some HongKong Dramas like 溏心風暴, 溏心風暴之家好月圓, 尖子攻略, 當狗愛上貓, 疑情別戀 & others. That is the main reason why I have been blogging lesser and even if I blog, it would be in office. *Opps*(looking around to see anyone) Since no more new dramas for rental, I think I shall start to blog frequent again and not to miss out uploading my photos.. So hang on ya! I have tons and tons of photos to load.. But shall do it one by one just in case it lags my page.

Alright enough of said, now, I practically wanna write this particular issue which we Singaporeans have been discussing with. Who the is Most Dangerous Reckless Drivers in Singapore? If not for what yesterday happen, I would have not think of taking this as a topic to write a proper post for my own. When ever I hear or read from newspaper to radio to TV talk shows, people would say motorcyclists are the most reckless one. In my point of view, I beg a difference. As a rider and a driver myself and too a pillion of my hubby bike. I don't really think that riders are the most reckless in Singapore (which most people agrees). In FACT, I would say most of the cabbies are reckless. All thanks to their daily experience on the road making them feel that they know the road well and they know other drivers are just scare of them and would give way to them.. I would like to take this opportunity to tell them "Wrong, WROng, WRONG!!! You are not the king of road so no one will wants to give way to you!"

My dad use to be a taxi driver when he was alive. I know that my dad loves to speed but he is never the reckless type. He will ensure safety before he step the accelerator.. I know, speeding is also dangerous, but compared to those blue cabbies in big CC taxis who always chuck into lanes without using the a$$ to look at the blindspots for cars and even motorcycles, I think speeding is still okie.. What happen yesterday actually pissed me off and had force me to file a complain to the blue cabby company and I demand an explanation on that. (And I also believe that they will treat my email as shit)I just can't let the cabby go off like this. They need to pay for their act. And I seriously had enough of all the nonsenses given by them. Pls read the following for the whole course of what had happen.

Hubby was driving along Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 heading home around 1245am. A blue cab cut into our lane abruptly and upon seeing this, hubby slowed down and allow the taxi to cut in since we are not in a hurry to anywhere. But when he is travelling at a very slow speed after cutting into our lane, hubby decided to switch to the extreme right lane and move along till we reach Seng East Road. Both me and hubby saw this cabbie is trying to be funny again and this time round, hubby don't have the intention to give way to him anymore. So he followed next to the lorry in front of the cabbie and refuse to accelerate or slow down. And to our horror, this bar girl just signal and wanted to squeeze in between the lorry in front and our car which is on his right. Initially hubby high beam to warn him but the cabbie refuse to be safety and insist to squeeze in. Hubby out of no choice continuously honk and the taxi driver for abt 1 min and plus high beam him all the way. Den this stupid farker den realise that we are not going to give in to him and no choice, he went back to his lane and switch to the extreme left lane. Look, he could have switch to the left where there is no car, why does he need to cut from the right where he knew that we are travelling at the lane. Why? Thinking weekend car dunno how to drive well and can bully ar! Pls fark to one side and listen here. Hubby is a delivery driver and he is always on the road with his van. He even is a delivery rider for his part time job.. Don't ever dare to challenge him as a weekend plate. As for me, I am a fierce driver too. Don't ever wanna challenge a lady's guts. Some do have de wor!!

I simply don't understand why can't they just be more careful when they drive especially with passenger around. They are carrying others life in their hand. What if an accident occurred and a life is at a stake. Don't you think that it's too late to remorse. I dare not only say cabbies are reckless, some drivers (be it saloon car, vans , bus or ever truck) and some riders, they are reckless too. They too drive or ride impatiently. I really dunno what the world is coming. So many accidents reported on newspaper and on TV and yet these groups of reckless drivers are not taking things seriously, still thinking they are the King of the Road. *Haiz* (shakes head)

So remember from now onwards, pls do not only say m/cycles are a bunch of reckless riders only. Before pointing fingers and others, pls look at yourself first. *One finger pointing others and the rest of the 3 is pointing @ yourself* Shall end here before my blood boil up to the max..

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