Sunday, October 5, 2008

My weekends

Weekend gonna end soon.. Basically my Saturday and Sunday in not a very excited one.. No "Chionging", no thrilling but a slow and lazy day.

Saturday morning as usual going to office. Going to office now a days is a draggy one. I have to drag myself out of bed and also have to drag myself to get on the bike then drag myself to get down the bike and walk into the office. What is my world coming to? I have no idea too. But no worries. My trip to Korea is coming. Counting down from now onwards and I am really looking forward to it.. =) Back to the topic.. After work, I rush home to get myself prepare for my family gathering at my bro house.. (Sorry for no photos taken.)I've to pack swimming costume and some of the seafood.. We are going to have a BBQ session for our dinner.

Me and mum left home at about 3pm to CompassPoint as I wanna buy a new set of swimming costume.. Going horizontally liao.. Need to get a new set.. Hubby came at about 4 pm to fetch us to bro house. We reach bro house about 430pm and we went straight to the swimming pool for a swim. After swimming, we went back to prepare for the BBQ.. Guess what? I have been thinking that BBQ is using the charcoal type.. But I was wrong. Totally wrong.. Their BBQ is using gas de wor.. Its my first time.. This time, me this chef of the day got caught by this situation. Food that I BBQ-ed is either burnt if not its not cook or otherwise, it will be overcook and got dried up.. Arhh. My reputation got ruin by the "Gas-BBQ".. After BBQ, we went headed home. When I reached home, I took medication for the allergy as I've taken so many seafood like prawns, crabs and sotong.

Sunday morning was not a good morning to me. I woke up at 9 plus as my stomach is upset again. After "Lao-saing" I went back to bed as the medication is causing me too drowsy. I sleep until 5 plus in the late after and headed out for a dinner at Sizzler with Karen, Royce, Vincent and Geling. Wow... What a full dinner.. I could hardly walk. Hahha..

Now at home, sitting infront of the lappy typing this post, I am getting sleepy again. Its not cos I am tired, but the medication is still taking effective. Whenever I took this medication, I am always like drowsy for the next 24 hours. Imagine how heavy the dosage is.. But thou its strong, but its good, cos I make me sleep... Right now, I seriously need some sleep and relaxing time, I am too too far tired and stress up liao.. Once again, looking forward to my holiday.. Hahahah.. I wanna count down liao ba..

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