Saturday, November 1, 2008

Privacy? You need it?

I was reading The New Paper yesterday during lunch time and I got the motivation to write this topic out. (Pardon me for my broken English / Singlish and its written purely under my own thoughts without the intention of affecting or outbreaking any riots)

Privacy.. This is the word we always used and most of us are yearning for.. (Especially those teenagers) But minority of us have the freedom to do whatever they want to. The news I read was regarding a Primary school teacher - Tina (not her real name) had to be withdraw out from a bikini competition organised by Wicked Weasel because of her profession. All she did was that she submitted photos of her own self with her hot bikini on. She do have a blog too but it had already been close down after this incident. Reason for dropping is because she is a teacher and as a role model to the students, parents and teachers thinks that what she did is inappropriate. Her explanation that this is her private lifestyle after school is not accepted by the public. Accusation was put on her that posing for such photos does insinuate more loose values. (Photos can be found in

Now my point of view is, Teachers are also human beings. They also have their likings and is it to say that if due to the profession they are holding on, they have to let go the rest of their likings? To me , taking photos with bikini is nothing, not as if they are naked? Come to think, recently, there have been lots of news regarding teacher having blog is being counselled and some even get sack.. Hmmm.. If I am not wrong, I have seen TV commercial advertising application needed for the occupation as a teacher. So if they are to pull too tight to such an extend that teachers can't have the own privacy of life eg. having own blogs, do you think there will still be new bloods going into the schools? Too me, by then, schools will be a boring ones with those "upright" teachers.. Now we are in the year of 2008 and down the road, there will be even more opened minded people. Is it to say, in future there will be no teacher to teach our next generation? I hope not, and I hope to see abit more liberal mind parents.

Whats your point of view then..?

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