Wednesday, October 29, 2008

After so long

Haven't been online to update my blog frequently recently. Either I am in foul mood or I am too tired or too busy..

My mood for the past few weeks is like roller coaster. I do not know where to start as its like shattered pieces in my brain.. Plus, I don't really want to reckon back the bad memories. All I can say, my heart is dead towards my full time job and also my part time job.. My enthusiam seems lost in both my jobs. I find it rather hard for me to spend my worthwhile time on them. All I do now is, go to work then go home after work. No more additional feelings will be put in. To be frank, I seriously hate this kinda feelings but but.. (unless things gonna change for good)..

Over the weekends, We (me, Karen, Royce, Vincent & Geling) celebrated hubby's birthday at the chalet.. Guess what? I just got to know yesterday from Yvonne that she was at the chalet too. Hahaha.. So coincidence but ofcos we did not meet up.. Had taken some photos on the celebrations, will upload the photos soon.

And in another less then 9 days, I am heading to Korea for my long holiday. Although for only 8 days but I really hope it helps me. I need to recharge my engery in work. Hope I come back with a better luck and all the "Xiao Ren" will leave me for good...

Something is keeping in my heart which makes me really uneasy and all of us jollywell knows that a heavy thunderstorm is gonna happen after the holiday. But the true will have to be disclose soon. Shall update till then when its time to come to a light. I only pray everything will remains the same as it is now.

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