Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lost of Mind

Today is Sunday and I am rotting at home don't what to do. Basically sleep, eat and sleep and eat again. Hahahah.. Supposed to meet Yvonne to bring her pup for "her" 3rd injection but ended up, she woke up late and the clinic had close. So appointment had to be cancelled and push to next Sat.

Basically, after a trip to Malaysia yesterday, my whole body aches now.. Reason simple, walked too much. We went to Holiday Plaza and later went to Johore Jaya Jusco. Had bought alot of stuffs. I bought a blet, a hair clip, a wooden comb, 2 T-shirts (one for Hubby and the other for myself, both the same and is printed ones, with the Super Mario picture. =)), 2 bras and 6 panties and some DVDs (original one hor), coconuts and some Dunkin donuts. Wahahaha.. Had shop for few hours non stop and basically now, my whole body ached.

As for Sunday today, I feel that I have no motivatio to anything. Nothing to do is something that will kill me. I think, I need to plan something before I lost my motivation.

*Yawnz* Think I am gonna hit the sack again.. Shall go to my dreamland and think about what to do to motivate myself.. Arrrhhhh.. I forget to bath for Niki again. Shall do it tomorrow then.. Tataz!!!!

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