Friday, October 10, 2008

My First Mustafa Encounter

Yesterday, I meet up with Yvonne for a shopping at Mustafa. Actually we plan for KTV session but she last min got "Tao-sa" throat so no choice gotta cancel the session and go shopping instead. Still remember once she said went to Mustafa for shopping and had lotsa fun there so I told her why didn't bring me there. Finally, she brought me to Mustafa... But but... Too be frank, I can't stand the smell at certain lvl where "they" are all gathered. But the rest of the place is still okay for me.. Pls don't get the wrong idea that I am racist or what, its just I can't stand the smell only. Pls pardon me.

Had quite alot of fun there. After shopping for 2 hours, it seems that we still haven't completed the whole of Mustafa.. I really much like to return to shop again but I can't stand the smell. So how? Any suggestions? Back to the topic, I had bought a Winne the Pooh 3D Jigsaw puzzle coin bank and a doggie pencil case. For Yvonne, she bought quite alot of things. She bought a bedsheet, an angel wing for her room deco, a part mask for her room deco too, a jewel box to keep her cosmetics and ermmm.. I think no more liao.. Hahahah..

After shopping, she went out with her KTL club for dinner and ofcos I went back home straight for a good rest. Shall upload the photos took at Mustafa with Hubby and Yvonne.. And the stuffs I bought.

Tata thenn...

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