Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I lost the battle

Yup yup! I lost the battle to the flu bug!. I am down with rather bad flu.. My throat sore like as thou there is a saw sawing inside. Can you imagine I spit the flam (hope the spelling is correct) out and the flam is covered with blood. Prolly cos of the infection and the smoking. I need to recover by end of sat. If not how to go holiday like that.

This few days, I have been working non stop so as to clear my office job as much as possible before I go on leave. I do not want to have anything left behind and affect my job when I go on holiday.

Oh yah! One more thing. I still haven't upload the photos for hubby's birthday.. Shall do it with my Korea photos then when I come back.. Alright, shall make this short and simple, I am too tired to type any longer.. My noise block all the oxygen and I am breathing hardly for air.. Good nite pals.. Tataz..



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