Monday, November 3, 2008

Bugged by Virus again..

I am going for holiday in less then 5 days but I am starting to feel kinda weird.. My body started to ache. My nose is blocking and the pressure from the nose is also blocking my ear. Worst part, my throat is so painful. In short, I am falling sick soon. I am very very lethargic now.. Dunno how lor.. I need to stop all virus attack before heading to Korea. I wan to be energetic during my holiday.

Can't wait for my holiday to come seriously. I have been packing my luggage since last weekends. Kiasu huh.. Yes, I am. But I am more worried that if I have missed anything out. I don't wanna spoil the whole holiday.

Gosh!! My hyper-active cells is acting up again... I can't wait to fly over.. *jumping around in the house* But now at this point of time, I think I better think out a good way to eliminate all the sick bugs away... Any suggestion?

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