Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wildful K-Ing

I have been in sour mood since last week. Partly because I've lost my most favourite Gold pendant which is the Pooh Bear's design and other is cos of office problems. I am feeling kinda lost, sad and frustrated since last week till yesterday.

I've meet up with Princess Yvonne for a KTV session and to tell you, I'm feeling so touch cos she actually had a slight sore throat but yet she accompany me to K since she knows that I really wanna sing.

Look @ how we can get mad when we are together.. I find this picture really errmmm.. Abit .. Machiam 2 idiots taking photos.. Wahahahaha!!!

A better pose for photo taking.. This is the normal us wor.. Aiyo, I look so so king size beside her lor.. Alamak.. "Gal next time, I dun wan to take photo with you liao lah"

Aiyo another shot again, but this time with my spec on.. Why the hell my eyes get so small with my spec on.. This is weird.. OMG!! OMG!!... My hair is really shucks.. I need to visit Richard (HairStop) again liao.. I need to re bond and colour my hair again.. New Year is coming.. (Wei wei.. I am referring to Chinese New Year hor..)

It's been an enjoyable night K-ing with her. So long nvr talk cock, sing song and not to forget to joke around, laughing around like nobody biz. We are like 2 small mei mei shopping along the streets, pointing and giggling as we walk..

From the time she fall down, I held her by my hands, hoping she recover, till today, she is still trying hard to recover & I know she will.. I finally, saw, feel & heard her laughing and giggling from the bottom of her heart. I sincerely hope she will get back to her usual self in no time. I too hope that the man out there who is sincerely to take her hands from mine not to hurt her but give her all the happiness and loves, best to marry her.. If you're thinking of playing her, screwing her, ruining her then please leave her. She is not the one for you. (Oh!! Mr Generous, a piece of advise I would like to give you, at times things that you've done have been over limit. It seems like taking over her lifestyle without her acknowledge. To be frank, all your action will only push a gal away. We gals dun like ppl who loves to lie, loves to use friendship.. Think you need to cool down your brain and think it out whether what you have done is right or wrong.)

Last but not to miss, I've been reading Princess Yvonne's blog this 2 days and I notice she is starting to write short love story. Deep in my heart, I hope and pray hard to Jesus that he could make the magical love story to come true and befall it to my bestie. She needs Jesus blessing and love.. ;P

p/s: I promise to load photo after this post kk.. I am beginning to like this song. With Chinese version too..

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Anonymous Princess Yvonne said...

Amen!!!!!!! Haha.. My best friend Berlin!!! Are u praying to Jesus??? Damned!!! For Christ sake, what i know about u hor... U not "amen" de wor!!!!!!!!!

You really wish me well and i love ya so much!!! No one in this life time would be able to replace you in my heart!!!!!!!!!

You know me the best inside out!!! I'm so lucky that i have you!!! I love you babe!!!!!!!!!!!

K song soon ya!!!!

Please...... dun embarass me again hor!!!!!!!!!!

December 17, 2008 at 3:42 AM  
Blogger XiAoWeInI aka bErLiN said...

Hahaha.. U know I know lah hor.. I embarass you!! I think you are the one who embrass me.. Hahahah.. See you soon..

December 17, 2008 at 10:42 AM  

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