Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Need of Well Equiped Kitchen

Christmas is just around the corner. Just yesterday, me & hubby went to Rina's house for a simple dinner which is prepared by her and one of her helper "The 4B". Besides me and my hubby, there are another 5 more people preparing for Rina's food tasting.

What she had prepare for us for dinner were spaghetti, bake pasta in cheese, mushroom soup, chocolate fondue and lastly was the apple cheesecake. Ermm, I should say maybe cos she does not have a well equip kitchen, therefore the food which she had prepared is not up to standard. Well well, how can I criticised others while my cooking also almost the same as hers but I would say a little better then hers.. All I need all the kitchen appliances to be all align in my kitchen, I will be able to do a more more better job.

I have been looking around for a mini oven which I can actually bake mini cup cakes and also whipped up some bake rice / pasta for hubby to eat. I happen to stumble over such a website Shopwiki which sold all kinds of Kitchen appliances. From cook tops to ovens and even dishwasher..

The oven I wanted.

Microwave can be found too..

Visit Shopwiki - Kitchen Appliance Buying Guide now and search for your favourites. And with Christmas around the corner, look thru to see if you have anything to buy as Christmas gift for your love ones.

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