Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How's My Own Life for 2008

In another 2 more weeks, we are heading to Year 2009. Time really flies, just a blink of eyes, a year have come to a near end. Once again, it's time to sit down and think hard for next year resolution or even recap our own life for year 2008. Since my previous post had mention about New Year Resolution, so I think I should not cover the subject. Hmmmm... Let's talk about my life for year 2008.

Ups : Being with hubby for the year 2008 is smooth sailing path. Basically, I could say that the relationship in between us is getting stronger. I am always being loved and protected by him.. Hubby is always there to listen to my whining and at times even willing to let me vent my anger on him.. Our love had grown stronger as time past. Who says the longer a couple is together, the further the distant in between them will get. For us, we are just like any new couple. We still joke, talk anything and ofcos love to disturb each other.

Downs : Feeling rather lost when once, 4 of my friends gather around me saying I've taken my hubby for granted. The whole debate is about doing household chores. Hubby is not on my side and keep mum. At that point of time (attacked by 4 people), I control my tears, I explained and I tried to understand too. I felt heart broken when I know that hubby do mind I don't do household chores and is not there to support me.. The fact is he does everything by himself and ask me not to do it cos he don't want me to have backache. Ermm... Alright, everything is over, don't wish to bring the bad memories back.. Otherwise tears is passing by my eyes again.

Unforgettable : The holidays we had are really enjoyable. Having your love one beside you, walking through a place so new to you and yet not to worry of getting lost. Oh.. Nearly forgotten too.. The surprises that hubby gave me in the year 2008. He bought me a HP N95 (8GB) for Valentine's Day. He made me guess my pressie and brought me to my favourite Jap restaurant. When we reached the restaurant then he revealed my pressie to me.. The other unforgettable day is our 4 years wedding ann. We made each other to shop for the exchange gift in Ang Mo Kio Central with a budget of not more then $30.00. Having only a time limit of 1 hour, we both have to shop for each other's present separately. I still remember that I am running all over the entire building of Ang Mo Kio Hub. This is really fun. When we open the presents, we were giggling and then goes Hahahaha.. Both of us are "xin you ling xin". Our presents we bought exceed $30.00 but not more then $60.00 and was near to the same as each other. This is really sweet.. There are still many more surprises Hubby had given me but unable to list it, if not otherwise this post will really be a very long one.

Conclusion : To carry on this relationship. Hoping he will hold my hands till our hair turn grey and our skins crumpled. Love in between us will grow even stronger as time pass. Will try my very best to fulfil my duty as a wife and ofcos to support each other when trouble is looking up to us.

Ups : Nothing much happen except me & hubby moved out from my mum's house to our own love nest.. Having our own love nest is something we have been waiting for.. After moving out, the bond in between me and my mum gets better and she would try her best to cook our favourite food waiting for us to go back to her house for dinner. We would chat and joke after dinner. She show even more concern to us. The feeling is just ermmm.. Indescribable....

Downs : Still remember that me and my mum had a huge argument as she decided to sell her house and want to move into our home. Initial stage, I rejected and was very angry. Me and my mum even come to a stage whereby we did not even talk for near of 1 week. Then after hubby became our middle man and solve the problem, only then me and my mum is back to talking terms.

Unforgettable : Having a house warming with my mum, brother, sister & her family, brother & his family. We had steam boat as dinner and after that we gather around to watch movie and the kids will run around the house playing with Niki. This is the 1st time, everyone of us gather around for a dinner like this.

Conclusion : A peaceful family life is the success to your life. Cherish every members before you lose them. Reunion is the most important thing to do and I hope to have dinner in the coming New Year. Hmmm.. Shall go plan now when to do it..

Ups : Nothing special on friends section except knowing a few new friends and too keep contacts with them. Have been spending quality time with few of my friends like Princess Yvonne, Karen, Rina, Victor and many other more.. Oh yes! I remember now, went out for prawning with Pingsters.. That was really a fun one, although I don't really know them.. Looking the way they were so happy when they had their prawns hooked up is so funny. Overall the outing is an enjoyable one. Then with the 1st time experience, I brought Rina & Victor there to prawn. Not a bad experience too..

Downs : Hmmm.. I do not have any extremely unhappy issue with friends in fact. I am that kinda forgive & forget person so I do no keep the bad things. Only thing that hit my mood is when Princess Yvonne was @ her most gloomy days. Trying to make her stand back to her own feet is not easy but will not give up my friend just like that. I am hoping that she can step out of her hermit crab shell one day.

Unforgettable : I am always happy with my friends around.. Hmm unforgettable ones will be like going KTV with friends from KFC.. We are like country pumpkin. We sing and dance in the room like nobody business. Going KTV with Princess Yvonne.. Talking nonsense and laugh like nobody business. Going East Coast Park or Pasir Ris Park for BBQ. Playing the Ultimate number game, the wackiest punishments like kissing the butt / belly button, dirty dance or even have the face draw with charcoal.

Conclusion : I need to spend even more quality time with my friends. I very much wanna catch up with my primary school mates and not forgetting my VBFF Esther. It's been a long time since I last meet her for coffee.. Shall plan 1 day for it.. "Hey Esther, when on earth will you be free for coffee." Then also BFF Princess Yvonne. I also want to go out with her more to places like prawning, picnic or even plan for chalet. But I hope she will be bring along her partner soon.. (I must help her ask too. "ANY TAKER FOR MY BFF!!!")

Ups : Getting healthy is always what I wanted and luckily for year 2008 no big issue happen. I am still in pink health so no worries....

Downs : There is a period of time that I am suffering from severe backache.. Had been lying on bed for 3 days... Being unable to move is very scary.. Imagine bedridden is nothing fun and enjoyable. Till now, the backache is still on and off but much better as compared to the previous time.

Unforgettable : 1st time in my life suffer from throat infection to the extend of losing the ability to speak. I am a very talkative person, can you imagine me being dumb... Gosh!! It really kill me.. I can't talk properly and people around me keep laughing at my high tone speech... Arrrgghhh.. But come to think now, it really sounds funny.

Conclusion : To keep my weight down so I can have a healthier life. To have my backache cure once and for all.

Ups : To speak the frank, I can't think or find any ups for my present job. Or probably, I would say at a period of time when my boss thought that I am planning to resign, so she treated me like a princess. Giving me the authority to settle my stuffs in my branch. But after a while, the "boss attitude" came back..

Downs : There are too much downs in my present job which I can even count with my 10 fingers and 10 toes. Practically, I am getting sick & tired of running the branch in this company. I have a farking irritated manager whom only know how to sleep during office hour, have breakfast during office hour. Not only that, this farking manager only know how to use his mouth to talk and yet do nothing. He is always busy but busy with what is a mystery to both me and my boss. The worst part is, my boss did nothing. Both boss & lady boss just kept quiet which I think that is really unfair. When problems occurred, arrows will usually be shot to me. Can you imagine technical issue somehow can become admin issue. There are alot of times I have told my lady boss regarding the issue of the farking manager being abusive of his powers. But still nothing was done. All she told me is, just treat him as a mentally ill patient. Do my job as it is and she will know how I clearly stand. The FACT is, when both boss and lady boss don't stand where I stand when things happen. In the end, I am the one who got arrowed with no reason. I had really enough of all the nonsense created by that farker..

Unforgettable : There was once my hubby was waiting in my office for me to knock off. Then out of a sudden, my boss came up to the office and start to rumble. I was shock and starred blanking @ him. After he stop rattling, I came back to my sense and tried to explain the whole issue. Guess what he say? "No need to explain okay. Got problem means got problem. It's your fault for not being oversee the whole case." I was like, WTF me again. It's the farker's fault. He interrupte me when I was talking to customer. Giving all the customer wrong information and later when customer complaints, boss push the responsibility to me. He told me I should stop him from attending to customer. "HEY BOSS!! Pls do note. He is already a near 40 farking bastard, he has both legs, arms, mouth and farking brain, how is it possible for me to stop him!" After boss told me off, he walk off from the office and left home. I was like heart broken @ the very point of time. Tears rush down, I was like how can I be treated in this way. IT'S UNFAIR!! Ofcos, hubby saw the whole issue and he ask me to resign and leave this god damn company. I was like stuck in the middle. I very much wanna leave but I can't leave until I found a good job.

Conclusion : I need to find another job. I need to leave this place once and for all. No more nonsense from the farking bastard. I had enough of all the nonsense. Shall start to hunt for a job after bonus. Guess bonus won't be much too.. I don't worth a single cents in this office. My 9 years of sacrificed don't worth a penny at all..

Alright, that's the end of my life review on Year 2008. Now sitting back and read through what I've written down knocks some sense to me. I am actually leading a pretty happy life which I can't complain off.. There are always ups and downs in life, if not otherwise, the whole life will be a stale water in a pale. So be proud of yourself and your own life. Nothing is more important than yourself. Love and pamper yourself more. Phew what a long post. Think shall end it here if not I think many of you guys are falling a sleep soon.. Tataz... XOXOX...

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