Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's Year End! New Year Eve!

Yeahh!! Finally it's year end and a brand new year for everybody is gonna come soon in another 13 plus more hours to go.. So any plans for you tonight.. Partying? Countdown? Or like me, prefer to stay at home to avoid the festive crowds. Staying at home to watch my favourite TV show, do manicure, upload my holiday photos. If there is anyone available can also play mahjong which I don't mind.

Remember one thing, if go party pls heel my advise

If Drink Don't Drive, If Drive then Don't Drink!

Alright enough chantings, let me do wish all my readers a

Happy New Year 2009! myspace graphic comments

P/S : Wish Adrain a Happy Birthday.. Hope you enjoy your date wif ur gal..

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