Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Another Email to Boss

After the last email to my lady boss a few months back. I am again writing another email to her. I had enough rubbish created by the farking idiot manager. He is getting from bad to worst. I HAD ENOUGH OF ALL THE FARKING NONSENSE!!! I hope the email will stop him from feeding me the nonsense in future.


There are several things I need to clarify, if not the issue will always be in my heart.

1) The thumb drive, I've tried to search for it at my side but to no avail. I remember passing it to him last year as he wanted to load photos to David and the thumb drive did not come back to me. I have actually ask him quite a no. of times but he would always brush the question away.

2) As for the photograph taking, the digital camera (canon) you have pass to me, I have been using it when he is not around. But I've told you that the battery is running low and finally that day when he went out to attend an on site case, the battery was flat. You told me that you will pass me the charger but I still haven't received till date. (Battery Model : AA typ.2700mah , NH-AA HR 15/51 1.2V , AA HR6 MIGNON) This is not the actual problem. I personally think that, if one person in the company have to go out of the office, shouldn't the person at least inform 1 person. I find it frustrated having to find one person and have to call the person ended up with no respond at all.

3) The case for S** 3220*. The car was tow in on 24/12/2008 10am. I believe you have told him to prepare estimate for 26/12/2008 survey. I also too on my part ask him to write the estimate asap. He did not do so and instead he idle around after lunch. He only pass the estimate to me @ 5.45pm without the labour part. At that time, I am already abt to leave office. So I told him to settle everything and make sure the estimate is on my table @ 26/12/2008 morning cos surveyor is coming to survey the vehicle. On Monday morning, the 1st thing I do is type the estimate and it was out on the tray @ 1100hrs. At abt 2 plus he ask me if your side got arrange for survey. Then when I say yes, he told me he thought we never arrange so he ask Surveyor Ong to leave. Later, he called you and David to inform this issue. The most angry thing is he told David I did not forward the email to him (arranging of survey) and he don't know the estimate is out. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? He have been doing this thing for the past year and yet he suddenly don't know the estimate put at where. The question is he is the manager and do I need to spoon feed him for the things he frequently do?

I am a responsible person. If the job is delay by me, I will make sure I finish everything before I go back even if I have an appt. But I can't stand ppl delay my timing for their leisure. ( I cannot stand it anymore, he sleeps after lunch on that day that's why he delay the estimate writing. This is very fiery) If I have to be late for my appt cos of his delay, its unfair to me.

June, I am writing this email is not to complain abt anything. In fact for no. 3, I've already use to it as this is not the 1st time. Things are always being pass to me to do when I want to go home. This time round I want to clarify cos I don't want you and David to feel that I am those kind of irresponsible person. I feel sad if you and David thinks that way. Hope the above clearly clarifies the whole issue for the week and I hope you understand the frustration in me.


Berlin Lim (Ms)

The thought of resigning is coming strongly to me since the past 2 months. I can't stand the whole nonsense shit anymore. I am practically lost at that period. The thoughts ended when I received the present and email from my lady boss. It melted my heart and I sudden had the change of mind to stay strong and help her through it. But the thoughts of resigning came back to me again. Just a day only, the thoughts run back to me. All thanks to the farking idiot. I actually have a pretty mood yesterday but the issue he created really boils my lava. HOW CAN I POSSIBLY WORK WITH SUCH AN IDIOT ANYMORE??!! I can't and I don't wish. I had enough pressure for my work load and I don't want anymore unnecessary pressure from a nonsense people. Plus I don't work for him or under him. He is from technical side & I am from admin side. My direct boss is my lady boss. I wish something can be done before I can even wait till Chinese New Year.

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