Saturday, January 3, 2009


Alright its time to upload the photos for Korea Day 2

2nd Day early Morning with another Teddy Bear @ LotteWorld Hotel

Exterior of the Hotel

Our coach outside hotel

2nd day Breakfast side dish

Main course of the Breakfast - Abalone Porridge

1st Destination - Teddy Bear Museum

It's Teddy Bear Museum

Me & Hubby @ Teddy Bear Museum

Welcome Signboard with Bear on top

Woah.. So many Teddy Bear..

Show case of Teddy Bear Town

Show case of Teddy Bear Titanic

Me & the Biggest Teddy Bear

The Charlie Angels with Big Bear

Waiting to make phone call

Me & my Teddy Bear Boyfriend

Hubby & his Teddy Bear Vintage car

Hubby sitting on Big Black Teddy Bear

Me & Hubby with the Big Black Teddy Bears

Me attending Teddy Bear Family's Birthday Party

Me helping Papa Teddy Bear to Roast the Pig

Me helping Buddy Teddy Bear to fish

Wah! Polar Bear found in Korea

Me & hubby infront of Safari Showcase

Me & hubby infront of the Big Teddy Bear Story Book

2nd Destination - Cheonjayeon Waterfall (The Fairy Bridge)

The Wishing Well in Cheongjayeon Waterfall

The so-called Waterfall in Cheongjayeon Waterfall

2nd day Lunch - Grilled Black pig Meat with the side dish

Grilled Black Pig Meat. It's Yummy! Trust me..

3rd Destination Songsan Sunrise Peak (Midhill View)

Seaside from midhill view

Everybody are tired of climbing Songsan Sunrise Peak (Half way up only)

Still long long way to the top of the Peak

Charlie Angels Surrender to the Peak

The Peak

4th Destination - Jeju HaenYeo Museum (Woman Divers) (Old time house of the Koreans)

Bedroom of the old house

Kitchen of the old house

Model of HaenYeos working

HaenYeos Worshipping the Sea God

Simple meal of HaenYeos

History of Rain coat

Model of village where HaenYeos stay

Models of HaenYeo gathering after diving for the seafoods

Model of what HaenYeo wear when they dive

Model of HaenYeos Diving

Model of HaenYeos Village school

Model of old HaenYeo's boat

2nd day Dinner - Black Pig Meat Steamboat

Dinner comes with stone rice

Me enjoying the steamboat

Vincent & Geling enjoying their dinner

Karen don't really like the dinner

Royce stoning after dinner

Our supper gathering in 2nd Hotel

Basically, the 2 days in Jeju our main course of meat is the black pig meat.. What they are famous of is their Honey and the black pig. Talking about black pig meat, they are so differnt from our normal pig. The meat are more tender and the fats of the meat are very "toi toi" unlike the normal pig, the fats tasted so oily.. I enjoy the stay @ Jeju and the place there is so sweet. If you have the chance, pls visit Jeju.

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Anonymous daphne maia said...

is the teddy bear museum the one featured in Princess Hours? haha... i miss watching tt show :P

i wanna go to korea too... :) looks fun!

January 3, 2009 at 10:08 PM  
Blogger XiAoWeInI aka bErLiN said...

yup yup.. it is featured in Princess Hours. Infact I still have photos on the teddy bear in Princess Hours de.. Still haven't DL..

It's really fun still have another 4 days more to go.. Keep update wor..

January 5, 2009 at 9:56 AM  

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