Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3 In Korea

Yup yup photos for Day 3 in Korea photos are really. Lay back and enjoy it..

3rd Day Breakfast - Hotel Buffet Breakfast

Yummy yummy.. Must have a hearty breakfast for the day!

The fours enjoying the breakfast

Me & hubby in coach to Domestic Airport to Daegu

The exterior of Domestic Airport

We are so near to airplane

Vincent & Geling with the Airplane

Hubby & me with the Airplane

Royce with the Airplane

Karen with the Airplane

Bye Bye Jeju

Outside Pusan Domestic Airport

3rd Day 1st Destination - Persimmon Wine Tunnel (Daegu)

View of the Persimmon Trees

Everbody waiting to enter the tunnel

Railway of the Wine Tunnel

Worker plucking Persimmon for Wine

Posing with the Big Wine Bottle

Me wanted to pluck the Persimmon

Hubby turn to pluck the Persimmon

Hubby infront of the Tunnel

Our Persimmon Wine for tasting

Tour group tasting Persimmon wine with biscuit & cheese

Cheers! To be frank, the wine isn't nice..

Inside the Tunnel is wet & chilly

The Main Door of Wine Tunnel

3rd Day Lunch - Toufu soup (This is very nice.. Its their handmade toufu)

2nd Destination - Spa Valley (Too bad it is under renovation so there goes our spa treatment)

3rd Destination - Dongseongro Street Shopping (The Hello Kitty Shop)

The shopping street of Dongseongro Steet

3rd Day Dinner - Charcoal Grilled Black Pig Meal

Yum Yumm

Helping to suck away the smoke

Vincent, Geling & Karen BBQing

Shopfront of BBQ dinner

Daegu 24hrs KFC.. So it means we are having supper again.

Daegu is not really an interesting place but it's also the first time I've been to Winery. It's such a pity that they did not show us how they brewed the Persimmon wine. Afterall, it is a holiday so I get to enjoy it..

4th day of Korea is coming up soon too.. Hang on tight.

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