Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Korea Day 5

Another day in Korea. Hmm.. Day 5 in Korea and to the date of going home is nearing. Well let the pictures tell you everything.

5th Day - Hotel American Breakfast (Andong)

Our American Breakfast

5th Day (1st Int) Nambangan River (Andong)

View of Nambangan River

Me & Hubby with their 3 years Ginseng

Ginseng in Korea

5th Day (2nd Int) - Kimchi Factory (Yeoju)

Preparing to do Kimchi

Master teaching how to do Kimchi

Hubby & me after completing the Kimchi

My finished Kimchi

Hubby wanted to eat his finished Kimchi

Soak Ginseng

6 Years old soak Ginseng

Traditional Costume of Korea

My Emperor

Karen in Traditional Korean Costume

Group photos

Me in the traditional costume

Our 2nd Wedding photo taking.. Kekekeke

My Dear Emperor again

5th Day (3rd Int) - Local Fruit Orchard

Me plucking the apple

Hubby chicken pot face

5th Day (4th Int) - Everland

View of Everland

Tour group photo

Hubby & me @ Everland

On the sky cable

Ooppss. Dino found in Korea

Birds in Everland

Me the white tiger hat & glove

Roarrrrrr... Tigress.. Watch out!

Night View of Everland

Alright end of day 5 and more to come. Day 6 & 7...

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